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Take a TESOL course with Global English

Could you teach English in Greece?

Perhaps you dream of living in Greece or are already there but need an extra income? If you have a good standard of English, then teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL/TESOL) could be a reality.

The good news is you do not need to be a teacher already; some TESOL training and a good standard of English could be all you need to gain meaningful employment on a freelance, full-time or part-time basis. While a degree is needed for a teacher's licence to be issued, anecdotally this appears to be less rigorously enforced outside of the major cities.

What do you teach and who could you teach?

There is a huge demand to learn English in Greece, and after TESOL certification most teachers are employed helping school children supplement their school English lessons. Typically, an EFL teacher will teach English privately in one of the many frontisteria (foreign language schools), or on a 1-1 basis to business people, children after school, university students or to anyone who needs English for work, study or socialising.
While English is taught in schools, the heavy reliance on grammar and writing means that learning more conversational or natural English from a native speaker is highly prized.

After completing her TESOL course with Global English, Katie-Anne Scott found work in a school in Agrinio in mainland Greece. Having never taught before, she was surprised by how much she enjoyed the teaching:

‘The kids at school are very different from kids in Britain. They bring me flowers and artwork nearly everyday (I love you, Miss Katie!), and the whole atmosphere is very laid-back and relaxed. I'm teaching the entire range of ability, from A-pre, total beginners, to Proficiency level. It's not difficult since most follow set course books and as long as you can talk about anything and everything (it's all practice for them, after all!) all is well and everyone's happy.'

She adds:

‘I've been away nearly every weekend, and still have Keffalonia, Corfu and Zante to explore before Christmas. It's crazy to think it's now November and the weather still allows us to go to the beach and swim etc!'

Finding TEFL work; language schools

If you are already in situ, then you have a huge advantage since many jobs are not advertised outside of the country.Try English language bookshops, Internet cafes or the equivalent of the yellow pages, ‘the blue pages' for lists of language schools. Apply from March for an October start or again in January. Come ‘dressed to impressed' with as many diplomas and academic credentials ready for inspection since qualifications are well respected in Greece. There's more here on finding TEFL work

Freelance EFL teaching

There is normally ample opportunity for freelance teaching once you are established locally.
However, due to the recent economic crisis, you may need to be creative to build up a really solid freelance network. Perhaps think of gaining a TESOL course + specialisation (see below - which course) or offer something others don't;perhaps an evening English club for adults or children. Market yourself to get your name known. One freelance teacher leaflet-dropped his area and picked up valuable work with youngsters as well as with the local pilot and pharmacist.
Drop into hotels and businesses and offer to teach functional English for the tourist season.
One former colleague even went around to the nursery schools and taught English songs and rhymes to the children, for which she received payment.
It is even possible to teach English by phone with companies outside of Greece if you have a good internet connection. This method of learning is well established in Korea, Japan and France and a possible company to teach with is Telelangue in France.
You could even offer a phone class option to your face-to-face students as an optional extra via Skype. Skype is free to download and Skype-Skype calls are free, providing you with an excellent platform if you both have good broadband connections. You can even invite more than 1 person to the class using Skype's conference facility.

Which TEFL/TESOL course to take?

While you might get asked informally to teach English once you have been in place a while, you will likely feel ill-equipped without any training. Many former Global English TEFL trainees have said being approached to teach English locally but not knowing where to start was the catalyst for their TEFL training.

What do you teach? How do you begin? Where can you find materials?

All these questions and more are answered on a good TEFL course. Creating meaningful lessons is just too daunting without some TEFL/TESOL training. It is even harder to charge money for lessons when you have no qualifications or experience.

Fortunately there are a huge number of TEFL courses to choose from to suit most pockets, from the traditional 4 week intensive CELTAor Trinity courses which cost around £1000, to the much cheaper online or weekend TEFL courses. These can be completed in your own time and cost between £200 - £400.

At Global English we also offer online TESOL courses accredited by ACTDEC.This means ACTDEC awards your final certificate which can make a big difference to employers since most online providers only issue their own in-house certificate and it is hard for employers to verify course quality.

For Greece we recommend one of our ACTDEC level 2 qualifications

Either our:

Online TESOL level 2(150 hours)

Or online level 2 with specialisation to help you really stand out:

Online TESOL level 2 with business(180 hours)

Online TESOLlevel2with1-1(180 hours)

Online TESOL level 2 with young learners(180 hours)

All are 4 module courses that can be completed in your own time and take you through the TEFL essentials step-by-step including how to structure a lesson, English grammar and what to teach.

You also gain a personal tutor contactable by email/phone for guidance and advice throughout your course. William Bradridge, Global English Director of studies says;

‘ the personal tutor contact is one of the key elements of the course and is something that our students value highly when we survey their opinions on the course afterwards. Maybe it helps that they can also call the office as we are all fully TESOL trained here.''

If you have no experience in teaching, don't worry. William adds;
‘We've trained people from 17 to 70, from all nationalities and backgrounds. It's not rocket science - but there are some solid techniques and approaches we can show you through our course, via video clips and links to materials websites to help make you an effective teacher.'

If you are ready to start, it is possible to pay in instalments or in total via our secure checkout page -and you can begin any time and fit your study around other commitments. This means you can study and work and so you do not lose income while you are becoming TEFL qualified.

TEFL discount offer

Global English is delighted to offer a 10% discount on any online TESOL course to all Quest readers. Simply apply the following code at checkout to take advantage of this offer: Gre1

A final word

Teaching English can be a rewarding way to live and earn abroad. It is a truly portable skill and is also a great way to integrate into the local community. Whether you pursue a full time TEFL career or want something that fits around your children or other commitments, a TEFL qualification can help you lead the life you want in the place you choose.

About Global English

Global English was founded in 1996 by partners Louisa Walsh and William Bradridge who have many years of TEFL teaching and teacher training behind them. Global English was one of the first online TEFL/TESOL course providersand one of only a few that have had their courses independently inspected and accredited by the Accreditation Council (ACTDEC)

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