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Athens in Christmas Chaos

As Christmas draws closer, Athens is becoming more and more busier by the day. Streets in the Greek capital are said to be chaotic with the Christmas shoppers, tourists and locals trying to travel within the city. On Monday 20th December there will only be buses allowed within the city between the hours of 9am and 9pm.

But there will be no transport again until December 23rd, when buses will again run from 9am until 9pm. On Friday 24th December, Christmas Eve, there will be no public transport once again from 12.00 noon until 4pm. The reason for this lack of transport is due to many of the employees working at public transport companies have gone on a labour strike, which has left the busy city in even more chaos. The reason for this strike, is due to the governments idea to reform the Greek public transport firms, only to find that the Greek pubblic transport sector proved to be a fairly wealthy source. The governemnt then went on to announce that instead of trying to reform the public transport systems, they will instead try to cut costs. This has now lead many of the transport companies to go on strike, where as those companies who are not yet on strike, are still considering what to do.