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Nomad International Removals

Nomad International has been conducting removals to Greece since 2003. Our focus on the Greek islands was born out of the recognition that most British removal companies focused on removals to “easy” locations like Spain and Germany, leaving people with very limited options for removals to Greece, especially the islands. We have developed specialised systems for dealing with the difficulties in moving to the Greek islands, such as small shuttle vehicles for accessing remote or steep locations.


All of our staff are British expats who live in Greece and are experienced in the challenges of moving to Greece.  Uniquely, we conduct all of our removals by road (the truck goes to each island via ferry), which is much faster, easier and more secure than shipping via sea containers.

In addition to conducting removals from the UK to Greece, we have also conducted many removals from the Netherlands, Belgium and France to Greece and the Greek islands.

Just as each island is unique, every removal is unique so unfortunately we don’t have standardised prices for removals.  The cost of each job depends on the volume of the consignment (you only pay for the space you use, so you don’t have to pay for a “whole container” etc), and the locations of the customer’s properties.  A typical removal charge for us would be in the range of £3,000-4,000 incl VAT although this can vary greatly depending on the factors above.  Each month we conduct several door-to-door removals for less than £2,000 (often less than £1,000), usually for customers who are bringing some but not all of their furniture, and who may choose to do some of the packing themselves.  At the other end of the scale, we have conducted several removals where the costs have exceeded £10,000 – in these cases the volumes of goods have usually been very large, often including boats or cars (we can transport these too if required), with full packing and insurance options.

In terms of people to contact at Nomad International, Daniel Baldwin is our Operations Manager and he is the chief point of contact for all removals to or from the Greek islands.