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The Community Programme for the Unemployed Starts in June

Community Programme for the UnemployedThe invitation for participation in the second phase of the Community Programme for the unemployed, 20.385 unemployed to be exact, will be published during the first 10 days of June.

The Office of the Greek Ministry for Combating Unemployment announced the continuation of the Programme, as since the recession hit the country with its culmination in 2011, the unemployment has reached unprecedented levels. Particularly amongst youth, the unemployment rates are striking, often reaching the highest numbers in Europe; sometimes as high as 1 in 2 young persons are unemployed, according to statistics published by the country and Eurostat.

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Greece Football Federation Could Face Suspension from International Football


The Greek Football Federation (EPO) could face suspension from international football due to government interference, should a proposed new sports law be voted in. This development came about as a warning to the Greek federation from both FIFA and UEFA.

The warning was in response to new Greek government regulations aimed at cracking down on violence that typically occurs during these particular sporting events. The government of Greece came up with the new regulations following ongoing problems with football crowd issues.

FIFA and UEFA have their own stringent rules that are designed to protect the independence of their member federations in managing their own affairs. It is in this regard that the two football bodies sent a joint letter to the president of EPO, Giorgos Girtzikis, warning that they would have no option but to refer the case to relevant bodies for immediate sanctions, including the suspension of the Greek Football Federation.
The bill is titled “Measures for the confrontation of violence in Greek sports and other provisions” and is set to undergo initial review from 27-30 April by the cultural affairs committee, before being discussed in parliament on 4-5 May.

Under the new legislation designed to tackle violence in football, the government of Greece is seeking the right to impose high fines, order the postponement or even abandonment altogether of sporting events, as well as prohibit Greek teams from participating in European competitions. The tough new measures also included the possibility of media being fined for showing or inciting violence, as well as jail time for individuals from unrecognized supporters clubs who issue tickets.
Greek deputy minister for education, culture and religious affairs, Stavros Kontonis issued a strongly worded media statement in criticism of FIFA and UEFA. The minister accused both football governing bodies of showing little commitment to resolving issues of violence which have led to the suspension of matches in Greece, 3 times in the past season.

Earlier this month, Greek second-division side AEK Athens was deducted 3 points by the EPO for a pitch invasion carried out by its fans. The team was also ordered to play 2 of its matches behind closed doors and fined 17,000 Euros by the federation’s disciplinary committee. This action was taken following the pitch invasion that occurred during the Greek Cup quarter-final match between Olympiakos and AEK at the Athens Olympic Stadium, with just one minute remaining to end the game.

Kontonis stated that the governing bodies had no interest in solving the problems plaguing Greek football, but were in fact out to offend the constitutional order and people of Greece, especially the football fans who have to contend with the current corruption that the government was endeavoring to change.

He went on to invite FIFA and UEFA to Athens ahead of the planned discussion of the bill. Kontonis expressed his hope that both governing bodies would appreciate the serious, compounding problems facing Greek football so as to actively and constructively engage in the process of transparency, consolidation and democratization.

Greece and its History

greece and its historyGreece, better known as the Hellenic Republic is a country in south- Eastern Europe, situated on the southern end of the Balkan Peninsula.

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Property Market in Greece 2015

Investors buying in Greece: Greece for a number of years has long been one of the more popular tourist destinations globally.

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Merry Christmas!

christmasMerry Christmas from Quest Greek islands!! We hope that you all have a wonderful time and enjoy yourselves wherever you are spending Christmas this year!
So have a great Christmas to all of you around the world!
Καλά Χριστούγεννα to Greece!
Весела Коледа to Bulgaria!
Noeller to Turkey!

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The strength of Luis Bárcenas

In Spain the media loves to report about coming out of or going into prison of a public figure and this happens frequently. We do not know whereabouts of Jaume Matas. Luis Bárcenas, ex-Partido treasurer was recently released. He told PP commissioners that the local HQ of PP had been constructed with donations and he had delivered 8 grand to assist the former Balearics president set in Madrid after losing the 2007 election. Eight grand had come from the B accounts.

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Greek 'NO' Day - October 28th

fireworksOn October 28th, Greece, Cyprus and other Greek communities worldwide will be celebrating what is known as Greek Ohi day. Every year, the Greeks have celebrated this event since 1940 when the day was found. Ohi day is a Greek national holiday and widely celebrated within Greek communities.

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Slowdown in price reduction brings optimism

In 2014, the rate of price declines for Spanish property decelerated to an average of 3%. This was a significant improvement over previous year when home prices declined by 9.2%. Current level of prices is 41.2% less compared to highest level in 2007 and at about the same level as in July 2003.

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A Growth in Visitors to Greece

A Growth in Visitors to GreeceRecent data this week reported that the first half of 2013 has seen in total a 10% growth in visitors to Greece compared to the same period as last year.

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