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Greece Attractive to Older Tourists

Tourism in Greece by senior citizens, particularly those over 55, has become an important part of the industry, with data showing that by 2030 it could be 24 percent of the total market in the sector.

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Greek Tourism Confidence

Greek tourism confidenceIn the midst of Greece's economical state of affairs, a confident speech was given by the Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras at the recent general assembly for the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises (SETE).

Speaking at the meeting, the Greek Prime Minister displayed confidence in the country's tourism projection in a bid to help the failing economy. Stating this years figure will surpass all others, and record numbers will be reached.

The revenue from the Greek tourism sector is expected to help provide many thousands of people with jobs, and dispersed throughout the country and indicate a slight improvement towards helping the country's financial system.

Deals on Amazon Gift Cards


Deals on Amazon Gift Cards - Amazon gift cards offer a great solution to expats living overseas when it comes to sending loved ones presents back home. The simple method of sending an Amazon gift card to loved ones is a great way of saving time and money.

In this day and age with money tight for many, presents cost money. So if you live overseas in a country such as Greece and the Greek Islands it may also mean the additional cost of sending parcels by post, which takes time and can be unreliable.

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May Day in Greece

crowdpeopleThe 1st May in Greece is a public holiday that stands for International Workers Day and a time where people have the opportunity to request better working conditions.  It was initially a public holiday day and an idea originally brought about by the Soviet Union to celebrate the former struggle of the workers and the success of the communist movement. Whilst today it has less communist links it is still an extremely popular event in former soviet states and other European countries where workers groups and unions are active and schedule major strikes.

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Greek Residency Plans

greek-residencyGreek Residency Plans - Greece is to offer overseas property investors residency permits outside of the European Union.

At present only members of European states are allowed automatic rights to reside in Greece. However, the Greek government are considering new plans to attract investors outside the E.U with the offer of residency permits when buying property of a certain value. It is expected that the limit will be 300 000 euro's.

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Celebrating Easter in the Greek Style

easter eggsAs Easter approaches, many of you will be rushing out and queing up to but all your friends and familys chocolate easter eggs. However, in Greece, chocolate easter egss are not so popular. Greece is an Orthodox country and celebrate Easter differently to other countries. Instead of buying dozens of chocolate easter eggs, the Greeks boil eggs and paint them red by using special food colourings and paints. The hard boiled eggs are painted red to symbolise the death of Christ.

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Buying in Greece

Buying in Greece - Considering purchasing a vacation home in Greece, well there's no better time than at the moment. The nation`s recession and devastating austerity measures have generated property costs to fall. The cost of buying in Greece is now compared to the period prior to the crisis and prices are up to 45% lower.

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Tourism Expected to Boom

busyairportTourism in Greece is expected to boom this year back to figures before the recession. After a turbulent period the country seems to have returned to a state of calm and stability, which now is pinning its hopes on its Tourism industry to generate income back into the country's weakening economy.

Tourism is Greece's principal cash earner and accounts for 17% of the country's economy. The tourism industry in Greece employs 1 in 5 of the population, an immense support to conquer the recent years rising unemployment levels from the crisis.

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Greece - Financial Travel Factors

The financial debt disaster has taken its toll on almost everything and everyone connected to Greece. Many Greeks are suffering severe financial times that have greatly changed their everyday lives for the worse. The economic system is not predicted to improve for many years. The new coalition government has failed on its strategy guarantees as travel and leisure; the nation's biggest factor, making up 16.5% of the economic system and providing jobs to one in five Greeks, has also been hit too.

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