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Athens Remains Popular with Tourists

Figures have shown that the average tourist in Athens, spend an average of 178 Euros per day in the capital city. Despite of the country's economical crisis, tourists continue to visit Athens to see what it has to offer, with the majority of the tourists saying that they would recommend visiting Athens to a friend. The city's rich culture, historical sites and cosmopolitan life are what the majority of the toursists find most attractive about the city. Research shows that most of the tourists are from Europe and the USA, although there are also many tourists that visit from with in Greeceand its surrounding islands.

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Greek Polytechneio Day on November 17th

fireworksNovember 17th is a public holiday in Greece, which only applies to schools, universities and others in the education system. All schools are shut for the whole day and various memorial celebrations are held. Sometimes the students attend school just to watch these commemorative services and others may attend other services.

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Greek Island Preferences

In recent studies, it was revealed that foreign tourists who visit Greece, prefer to holiday on the island of Kos. However, for Greeks holidaying within Greece, most say that they prefer Peloponnese. The reason for this is unclear, but Kos is very popular with foreign tourists, as it offers a variety of high quality entertainment and amusements.

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Nomad International Removals

Nomad International

Nomad International has been conducting removals to Greece since 2003. Our focus on the Greek islands was born out of the recognition that most British removal companies focused on removals to “easy” locations like Spain and Germany, leaving people with very limited options for removals to Greece, especially the islands. We have developed specialised systems for dealing with the difficulties in moving to the Greek islands, such as small shuttle vehicles for accessing remote or steep locations.

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Julia Roberts Will Never Forget Her Time in Greece

Julia Roberts, who is currently promoting her forthcoming film 'Eat Pray Love', is said to be very fond of Greece. In a recent interview, she talked about her life as a mother of three and juggling motherhood with a career, but says that her life is great at the moment.

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Bon Jovi to Rock Athens in 2011!

If you're a Bon Jovi fan, it might be worth keeping July 20th 2011 free in your diary, as the legendary rock band will be performing in Athens on this date. The tickets go on sale on 11/11/2022 for the concert in Athens, which will be held at the Olympic Stadium and prices start from 50 EUR per ticket.

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Crete Welcomes Lady Gaga

Eccentric singing sensation, Lady Gaga, is currently relaxing in Greece with her boyfriend Luc Carl. The pair are taking a much earned break, from planning their forthcoming wedding, on the island of Crete.

Reporters spotted the couple arriving a few days ago on a private jet, they were then taken by limousine to their hotel and have since been seen on the local beaches and in the sea.

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Greece Granted 100,000,000 EUR From E.U

Grant for GreeceGreek schools are to receive a 100 million euros grant from the European Union. The money was given, in the hope that it will help Greek schools nationwide to receive suitable school equipment and hopefully create more work for the public. This grant is the first installment from the total sum of 200 million euros that will be granted to all schools across Greece.

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Greek Islands Property and Lifestyle News

In a recent press release the developers of Halcyon Hills announce their partnership with the Registry Collection, to offer fractional property buyers at Halcyon Hills on the Greek Island of Samos, the chance to holiday in numerous luxury resorts across the globe. The luxury resort and marina on Samos includes 1,200 sq.m Spa, a thirty five berth marina and two beaches, combining top-end facilities and lifestyle with traditional Greek charm.

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