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Tsipras to attend the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation meeting

The Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, is expected to be present at the 11th annual meeting of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation according to reports, whose name, however, is not included so far in the list of official participations of the event.
The overall title of the conference is “The Future of Impact” and will be conducted on 26th-29th of September.

“The Future of Impact” theme was decided by the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) in February 2015, which requires for investing in equal opportunities and global challenges, addressing the needs of less privileged communities (geographical and population scope) and markets and ensure that innovation in the social and technological field has a democratic character.

The conference will coincide with the Prime Minister's schedule in New York on the occasion of his participation in the annual UN General Assembly.

During his stay in New York Mr. Tsipras is expected to meet with the US Secretary of State, John Kerry. There may also be a meeting with President Obama, which however has not been officially confirmed and if it is realized will have an informal character, on the sidelines of the General Assembly.

Present at the event of the Clinton Foundation will be Mrs. Gianna Angelopoulos, who is the first name mentioned in the list of the event sponsors, and who had organized a conference with the initiative of the former US president last June in Athens which was canceled due to the  political developments in Greece.