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7th Year of the DEFCON Fest

The established DEFCON Fest in the metal/rock music scene of Athens, will open its doors for the seventh year on the 2nd of October 2015. The festival has already hosted in the past some of the most important names in the Greek scene and it promises to blow people away with some of the best names of hard and alternative rock sound of Greece.

DEFCON is at the epicenter of the activities of the independent record label Trailblazer Records.

The Festival will take place over three consecutive days (2, 3 and 4 October), at a cost of 6 Euros per day, at the AN Club (Solomou 13-15 Exarhia). There is also a limited number of three-day tickets available for the price of 15 Euros which you can purchase online at or  

The featured bands cover a range of rock music styles, such as progressive rock, grunge, alternative rock, psychedelic rock, instrumental etc.

On the 2nd of October, the stage will be taken over by the following bands: Black Hat Bones, Void Droid, The Mighty N, Sun, Rain in Life, The Road Miles; on the 3rd of October: Cyanna Mercury, Allen’s Allen's Hand, The Vagabonds 77, 7-Odds, Bus the unknown secretary; and on the 4th of October:, Afformance, Vows Collapse, Spacement.

For more information on the music acts and the Festival you can visit DEFCON’s official Facebook page or the event page