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A new fossilized forest was discovered in Lesvos

Construction works on the new road Kalloni – Mytilene to Sigri revealed an astonishing finding. The excavations carried out in the framework of the construction of the new road brought to the surface a new fossilized forest, which remained hidden until now.

According to the Director of the Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Fossilized Forest, the findings "are presented for the first time in a comprehensive and understandable way. The findings include numerous large fossilized tree trunks, root systems and tree branches, leaf structures with a wide variety of leaves carrying alive the image of the field excavation in the report".

Mr. Zouros moved on to say that "there is no doubt that the excavation of fossils is the largest that has been held so far in Greece, both in terms of scope and in terms of number of findings. The new report is indeed a small indication of those soon to be revealed in the progress of the work that is currently in progress".

The intention of the executives of the Museum of Natural History is to transform the crossing of the modern road to an unusual and unique international experience - a tour in an open outdoor Museum of Natural History. "This will be implemented soon since in both sides of the new highway large-ranking fossilized tree trunks will be maintained in their natural position and will be designated by appropriate protective measures", said Mr. Zouros.

The Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Fossilized Forest was established in 1994 for the study, protection, maintenance and promotion of the Fossilized Forest of Lesvos, which is a listed natural monument with worldwide recognition. The museum was awarded the Eurosite management award 2001, for the promotion and management of the Fossilized Forest. It is a founding member of the European Geoparks Network and in 2004 it joined the World Network of UNESCO Geoparks.

From Saturday 23rd of May onwards, visitors of the new major exhibition of the Museum of Natural History at the Sigri of Lesvos, will be able to observe, also in outdoor locations, decumbent and fossilized logs in unprecedented numbers, fragments and exclaves of fossilised trunks of conifers and flowering trees (daphnia, oaks, palms, and Kyparissidis pefkides) volcanic paths, especially rich in fossilized leaves and in a wide variety of species, (bay leaves, cinnamon , coconut, oil palm).

The new findings are of particular scientific value and confirm the existence of successive extensive subtropical forests in the area, which were covered and fossilized by successive forceful volcanic eruptions.