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Jobs on the Greek Islands

Every year there are a host of summer jobs advertised on the Greek Islands. Tourism is big business here and the accommodation and entertainment industries behind this need plenty of enthusiastic staff to provide the perfect environment for their guests. Carol Palioudaki of livingincrete.net says, "Jobs are available in hotels, tavernas, bars, cafes, travel agencies and car rental offices, to name just a few. You need to have a good working knowledge of English and more often than not Greek is not essential. For most of these summer jobs in the tourist areas dealing with English-speaking visitors there is no requirement that you speak the Greek language".  Naturally competition for work is rife, but once you get your foot in the door, you can often keep the post each season. So whether you are looking to test drive life on the islands or you already live there and are looking for a means of supplementing your income read on to find out the type of work available.


Finding Work

The islands with the most work are Crete, Corfu, Rhodes and Kos Many summer jobs are advertised locally with ads in shop windows and by word of mouth and some international job seekers come over before the season starts in April or May to look locally. Don’t be afraid to approach local shop, bar and café owners and ask if there is any work available – if you can speak a little Greek all the better because this shows that you are able to integrate well. You can also search online by putting ‘jobs +greek islands’ into the search engines. Many jobs advertised on the internet will conduct interviews in the UK and make appointments from there. There are many advantages to hopping over to the islands and looking for work yourself rather than relying on the internet; because you get to see the place you will be working and get to know the owner and the staff there.

The Work and Travel Greece Programme

Some companies like RAM Universal SA offer young people and students the chance to gain valuable work experience whilst traveling around the world. They have 18 years of experience in placing staff in holiday resorts across the islands and they work to Greek legislation guaranteeing that all of their supervisory staff will monitor the progress of those placed as well as helping each individual to enjoy their work. At the end of the programme employees are given a certificate detailing their experience, which they can use as a reference with future employers. You must be a resident of a European state to qualify. Work placements are generally within the hotel industry and last for a minimum of three months. Nearly all of the jobs come with free accommodation and meals provided by the employer unless specified otherwise. Again the more languages you know the better your chances and whilst English is at the top of the list, Greek, German, Russian, French, Italian and a Scandinavian language are also desirable. Those with previous hotel experience should provide references and those with child care qualifications are always in demand. Salaries range from 500 to 1,500 Euros plus tips depending on the type of work assigned.

Jobs in the Hotel and Catering Industry

There are literally thousands of jobs for waiters, chamber maids, bell boys, multi lingual reception staff, cooks, general cleaners and a whole host more. You will stand a better chance of getting work if you have some experience particularly in kitchen and bar work; unskilled workers are required in their droves to hand out fliers advertising bars, clubs and restaurants to passing tourists in the resorts. If you live permanently on the islands or are hoping to, try and find an establishment that is open all year round, this way you stand a better chance of earning an income all year round. You can expect to earn around 700 Euros a month for full time work.



Sports Instructors

The coastal resorts offer lots of sports activities particularly water sports like windsurfing and diving and qualified instructors are always in demand. It is helpful if you are reasonably fluent in one or more languages in particular Dutch, German and English. You can expect to earn up to 2,000 Euros a month if you are a qualified instructor. You must show proof of your qualifications and be able to teach your sport in a patient and interesting manner to novices including children.


If you are outgoing and have some talent or experience in entertainment then there are many jobs in this field during the summer season. Entertainers are responsible for daytime activities like aqua-gym, yoga and keep-fit as well performing in the evening in musicals and cabarets. Skilled dancers are also in demand as there are many dance shows at various locations including some of the hotels across the islands. Most jobs in this field require that you work six days a week and you will have to audition for a place.

Sales Reps

If your skills lie in the field of sales then apply for a job as a sales rep with and estate agent, package holiday company or trip operators selling houses, trips and holiday packages around the islands. You do not require any foreign language skills as you work with clients who speak your own language.  Most companies give training but you do need to have an outgoing personality. There are no real age restrictions to this position and prior experience is not essential. The majority of the salary in this kind of work is commission based although most pay a reasonable basic.



Holiday Reps

Whilst there are many jobs in this field you should never underestimate the skills required to look after holiday guests during their stay on the islands. You will need to be tolerant and calm and organised with plenty of common sense and the ability to cope in times of crisis. Many companies employ hotel based reps who look after guests once they arrive at the hotel, children’s reps that run daily crèches and transfer reps who escort guest to and from the airport or ferry.  To work as a children’s rep you will need to have a professional qualification like an NVQ. Accommodation is provided along with a monthly salary paid in local currency.

Tattoo Artists

The growth in body art has lead to a wealth of tattoo shops and piercing bars across the islands and many require skilled or trainee tattooists. You will need to show examples of your work as well as health certificates. You will work as part of a team in a studio and do not need any language skills, just a steady hand and a love for design!