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Greece and the Greek Islands Culture, Cuisine and History

When planning to take a vacation it can become very frustrating trying to decide where you want to go. There are so many beautiful places all over the world it's hard not be frustrated.

There are beautiful beaches to lye on, history to explore, exquisite cuisine to eat, and of course the luxurious hotels you can stay at. One place in particular to explore should be Greece and the Greek Islands. Greece will not only fulfill your desire of blue skies and delightful food, but you'll explore the history that makes up Greece.

One of the many exciting events to see while in Greece should be the Hellenic Festival. This popular festival features entertainment in opera, ballet, classical music, ancient and modern theater, singers and dancers that take place all summer long to fulfill your entertainment desires. The festival runs the entire length of the city with many performances taking place atop the hill of Lykavittos Hill in the Lykavittos theater. The walk up the hill will take you around 10-15 minutes and no taxies or cars are allowed up it. Bring your walking shoes as you explore the music and dancing of the Greek culture.

If you're wanting more theatrical performances than the Festival of Epidaurus is one event you shouldn't miss. This festival takes place during the summers months following the Hellenic Festival. Here you'll be guided down to major historical event that took place in Greece back in ancient times. The shows sell out quickly and only sell tickets 3 weeks in advance. The show starts at 9pm and will usually run through the night. Dress accordingly because the nights can be chilly and weather unpredictable. The shows also offer programs that translate the Greek dialogue so you'll be able to follow along. This Festival will surely amaze you as you take part in ancient Greek events.

For more of a music festival than the Icarus Festival of Dialogue Between Cultures is what you'll be joining in on. This festival held during the summer months in Ikaria, Greece, is dedicated to famous musical artists that have inspired cultures. Each year a dedicated instrument is the main focus. Last year the instrument was the violin. The root of Greek culture events is followed in their love for music. This festival will show you exactly what love of music means to the Greek people.

Whenever the full moon decides to make its presence in Athens, the August Moon Festival will surely entertain you as dance amongst the glow of the moon. Greek dances, classical music, and opera performances are held throughout the city in Odeion of Herodes, Atticus, the Acropolis, and the Roman Agora. This event is open free to public for all to dance in the moons shadow.

Your love of music wont go away as each year since 1996, Greece holds is annual Rockwave festival held in Athens. This festival takes place during the hottest month of the year, July. The city provides some of the hottest rock bands internationally. But not be outdone, the island of Cyprus holds it's ties to many festivals throughout Greece.

As you can see this is just the beginning of the many festivals that Greece and it's culture can entertain you with. Plan your trip today and experience the Greek way of life.