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Live Abroad and Be Better in Business

Did you know that those who move abroad to set up a new life make very good and successful business people? Yes it's true! Many students go to university for years to study business and management but it doesn't always necessarily mean that they will graduate with the same useful qualities that expats acquire whilst living in a foreign country.

Years of studying at university using textbooks may benefit some learners, but it doesn't prepare everyone for the world of business. There are some students who could benefit from a little textbook learning, others who risk losing all of their natural talents when entering the classroom environment and then there are the rest who are simply not cut out to work in this work sector. Like all subjects and skills, business can be

something that certain individuals already understand a lot about and possess a natural talent on the subject without being taught anything at all. These types of experts risk losing their natural flare for business studies if they were to enter the restricted environment of the classroom. Business can be something that can be taught and learned however, it takes a certain type of person to be good at it and to succeed.


Anita Roddick, founder of the Body Shop, once said in an interview that those who live in a foreign country possess essential qualities that make a good business person. These qualities that expats develop when they move abroad, such as confidence and courage are key qualities to possess in the business world. Anita, who was born in Italy, moved with her parents to England when she was young and had to adjust to life in England as a foreigner. She then went on to explain that the confidence that comes with speaking a foreign language, communicating with new people, integrating in to a new community and trying new things all go in to making you a stronger and more courageous person. This confidence and courage gained by living in a foreign country is different to having the same qualities if you were still living in your native country. Instead, the courage and confidence that you gain whilst living abroad makes you more open minded and less frightened to take risks.

Here are just some of the skills and qualities that you gain when living in a foreign country:
Less afraid to take risks
Confidence in speaking a foreign language
Being more open-minded
Cultural awareness
Better at communicating