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Telling People That You're Moving

Telling your close friends and family any kind of major news is difficult, even if it something that is considered to be good news. Maybe through the years you have had to pluck up the courage to tell people different news, good and bad, and worried about how they would react. It is always a worry as to how you approach the topic and bring it in to your usual conversation, but yet it has to be done and it must be said. So, how do you tell your friends and family that you are moving abroad?


Some people decide to tell their friends and families when they begin to make plans about moving, whereas others decide to wait until the plans are realised before breaking the news to everyone. Either way, it is a big step for you and those involved. For a lot of people, moving abroad to somewhere like Greece is a dream come true. They are filled with the picture of spending your time in the sun, on the beaches and enjoying life as if you were living a permanent holiday. You may or may not be planning to live like this, but if your family and friends have this kind of image in mind, then you may find that telling them the news is not so difficult. On the other hand, if the people in your life believe that there is no place like home and are very patriotic people who are firm believers of the old saying ‘the grass isn't always greener on the other side' then it will take some work in helping them to see your point of view.

When it comes to breaking the news it is so much easier once you have took the plunge and told the first person (or people). Building up the courage to tell somebody that you're moving is a frightening prospect even if you already know that they will be pleased for you. But as soon as you have told someone about your plans, you will feel much better about yourself and you will gain the confidence to go on to tell everyone. It is like breaking the ice, as soon as you break the first layer it will be easy to get straight through.

Anyone who has ever moved abroad to make a new life for themselves will know that as well as all of the admiration that you will receive from those around you, you will also have your fair share of criticism from those who seriously believe that you are ruining your life. The reason for their nasty remarks is usually down to jealousy. They are jealous because they would like to also like to move abroad but have never had the courage, money or support from people around them, they simply envy the attention that you are receiving or perhaps they envy the amount of courage that you have. Unfortunately, this may seriously burst that bubble of enthusiasm and excitement that you were in and if the people criticising your decisions are close to you, it may even make you think about moving at all. If this happens, ask yourself this: have they ever relocated to a foreign country? How do they know this information? How do they know that you are making a bad move? What have they ever done that was so special?

Key points to remember when telling people that you are moving away:
Stick to your story on why, where and when you're going. Don't confuse people with different stories, because it will only get back to you. Just be honest. If you are going with the intention of living there then tell people.

Be confident when you are telling people, so that you are not likely to cave in and confess your doubts. This will only worry yourself and those around you. Reassure them that you want to move and are not being forced to.

Tell people of your plans and get people interested. If they know that you're serious about it they will be happier for you and wish you luck.

Let people know that you have done your homework. Make sure that people know that you have researched the important facts about the country and you are not just going there on an extended holiday.

If you would be happy for friends and family to come and visit you, then tell them. This makes it much easier for you to break the news and don't forget to add in that you can always contact each other via email, Skype and other methods of communication.