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CTP Translation Certificates

Have you ever thought about using your language skills and becoming a fully qualified translator? CTP (Certified Translation Professional), our new featured advertisers, offer a great value course on translation that is done completely online! Completing a course such as this one is great, because you will be able to use your certificate and your new skills to gain work opportunities and even set up your own business in the future. The course

is an online course, which means that from the moment you sign up to the course to the day that you do your exam, it will all be online. Anyone can do this course, providing that they speak at least one foreign language and have internet access and are eager to learn more on how to become a great translator!

CTP courses offer a range of benefits once you have signed up for the course. Some of these benefits include: Access to over 1, 000 exclusive reputable translation agencies, many online training videos, MP3 audio tracks for you to listen to and many more. Unlike other translation certificates, CTP deal with the less common language pairs, as well as those that are most used.

Taking an online course is especially good if you are living abroad and cannot, for many different reasons, find suitable courses for you in your nearby college. This may be because you do not speak enough of the local language to understand the course and the materials; you live too far from a course centre or perhaps you just can't find a course that you would like to do. Becoming a translator, either freelance or other, is a great way to earn a decent income and practice your language skills. Many people who live in foreign countries often consider translating as a career, to be an unrealistic thought, as there are many locals who also speak for e.g. English and Greek, so why should you learn to become a professional translator? First of all, translating is not all about language skills in your foreign language, because you need to be able to relay the message perfectly in the target language. Second of all, in the professional world of translating, you should only translate texts from your source language (your second/foreign language) to your target language (your native language). So, many translation agencies will not hire people translating documents in to their foreign language, as this may not result in an accurate translation.

Interested in becoming a translator? Would you like to know more information? Contact CTP for more details.