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Considering Moving to Greece?

Are you considering moving to Greece? You are not on your own, as many people all over the world consider leaving their home country to start a new life abroad. After much time, preparation and thinking, many leave their homeland to set up home overseas and enjoy the good life. Some decide to stay their permanently and rarely return to their home country for even a visit, where as others decide that it just wasn't for them and soon return home or move on to another country. Life abroad has its ups and downs and is a decision in life where you must try it or else you will never know.

Taking the Plunge

There are many things to consider when moving abroad and there are always many 'for's and against.' It isn't unusual if the idea of moving abroad doesn't seem the clear and more appealing option in your mind because many people also have doubts about moving. These doubts may be having something to do with any of the following issues, such as:
Leaving your home country
Saying goodbye/leaving friends and family
Having your family separated
Unsure of what to do
Financial worries
Worries about what your life will be like in Greece

Some people consider these doubts as an omen telling them not to move however, others have said that they are glad that they ignored these thoughts and took the plunge anyway. There is no way of telling whether or not you will like the life in Greece, especially if Greece or the issue of living abroad is entirely new for you. Before making those final decisions to move abroad, so many people read articles from other expats living in Greece and try to put themselves in the position of someone else to see if they will like the life in Greece too. However, this is not all that helpful and although you may be able to ask a lot of questions to other expats in Greece, there is only one way to find out whether you will fit in and that is to go and try it out!

Living the Dream

There are two very commonly used expressions that people use when referring to people who relocate abroad and these are "Living the dream" and the more negative - "The grass isn't always greener..." Many expats already have a fixed idea of what their life will be like abroad, which is very natural as we are obviously going to be curious about this, but most often than not this idea is a lot different in reality! That doesn't mean to say that you will not enjoy the life in Greece as much as you would have imagined, but there is no real way of determining what life will be like until you are there and settled in. Before moving to Greece, everyone will have an image in their head about experiencing the first time that they ever:
Speak for the first time in Greek
Their first friend that they make
Their first time at the supermarket
Their first driving experience
Their first day at work or school

But these imaginary thoughts are often a lot different when you really do experience doing these things for the first time. Although most people do not live out their expectations of what life in Greece was going to be like for them, it works out better for some and worse for others. For a lot of expats who have high expectations of their life and lifestyle abroad, the dream can be quickly punctured and they may enjoy life in Greece less than they had imagined. On the other hand, those who had their doubts may find that they enjoy life in Greece a lot more than they could have hoped.

Settling in

Whether you're moving up the road or across the sea, moving can be a stressful process and most would agree that they feel much better once the boxes are unpacked and the hard work is over.