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A-Z of Summer in Greece

Summer is here is Greece and we are loving every minute of it! There is so much that we love about the summer and you should make plans to ensure that you will make the most of every second of this season. You may have already  planned out your entire summer, but if not here is our A-Z guide of making the most of summer. This will certainly give you some inspiration to enjoy summer 2011, so what are you waiting for? Read on, take notes and have a great summer!

A is for Athens = If you've never been to Athens, take advantage of visiting in the summer when the city is at its most attractive!

B is for Beaches = You will struggle to find an ugly looking beach anywhere in Greece, so it doesn't matter which part of the country you visit; you will sure love the beautiful beaches.

C is for Crete = Did you know that the Cretan lifestyle is said to be the healthiest in the world? Well yes it is! The lifestyle and diet in Greece is very healthy, so a holiday there will do you good!

D is for Dancing = Traditional Greek dancing is a beautiful and well kept tradition in Greece. Although you may not be able to master the art of Greek dancing yourself, it is definitely worth watching in a show or at a restaurant.

E is for Euro = Greece has been on the Euro for many years now and is now the official currency of Greece.

F is for Feta = The best cheese in Greece is called Feta cheese. This is a white soft cheese that is made from goat's milk and is low in fat and cholesterol. The Greeks use feta cheese in many of their national dishes.

G is for Greek = The national language of Greece is Greek. This language has a Cyrillic alphabet and is a very unique language. Various words in the Greek language are taken from other Balkan languages that surround Greece.

H is for Heat = The temperatures in Greece are usually very high throughout the summer months, which is why so many tourists come to Greece each year.

I is for Ice = Ice cream, Ice coffee and plenty of ice in your drinks. With the weather so hot during the summer, you will appreciate taking time out to enjoy an ice cold drink or treat in the sun.

J is for Journey = There are many ways to travel to and around Greece. If you are travelling to one of the quieter islands, then you can get a direct flight to a main airport and then catch a ferry over to another island.

K is for ΚΛΕΦΤΙΚΟ (Kleftiko) = which is a national Greek dish. Kleftiko is a lamb dish that is cooked slowly and is very popular in Greece.

L is for Life = Whether or not you have been to Greece before, one thing you will notice is that the Greeks really know how to live and enjoy life. Their culture consists of dancing, socializing and having a good time.

M is for Moussaka = One of the more famous Greek dishes is Moussaka. The dish contains vegetables, potatoes and minced meat and is baked in a clay pot.

N is for Nature = As well as historical monuments and fabulous beaches, you can also enjoy the Greek scenery and nature. If you travel further inland you will find mountains and forests, where you can go for a walk.

O is for Ouzo = The famous Greek spirit. Ouzo can be found in many shops and bars all over Greece. Ouzo is a clear colored spirit (not to be confused with vodka or gin) and has an aniseed taste.

P is for Pi = How many times have you heard the name 'Pi' mentioned in a math's class at school? Well Greece is the country where the 'pi' system was invented.

Q is for Quiet = Although there are some tourists resorts in Greece that attract many people and tend to be quite noisy, there are still many quieter resorts and retreats to enjoy in the peace and quiet.

R is for Ruins = Greek has a rich history that stems back to hundreds of years ago. There are still many parts of Greece that have evident ruins that date back to the times of Zeus and ancient Greek times.

S is for Sun = Not only do we look and feel great after an afternoon out in the sun, but it has also been proven to be good for you. The sun is a great source of vitamin D which is another important vitamin that we need and direct sunlight is one of the few ways of getting our recommended allowance.

T is for Tzatziki = A refreshing yoghurt dip containing cucumber, garlic and vinegar. This is quick to make and a very cooling and refreshing snack to be enjoyed in the summer time.

U is for Unique = Greece has many traditions that are unique to Greece. Unlike other countries, Greece has kept many of its traditions throughout the years, such as their celebrations and Greek dancing.

V is for Vegetables = Greece produce many of their own fruit and vegetables and are quite self sufficient as a country. The fruit and vegetables that are produced in Greece are of excellent standard too.

W is for Weather = Greece are usually guaranteed to have good summers, which is why Greece is a popular destination with tourists from all over the world.

X is for eXpats = Many foreigners already live in Greece and others are planning to move.

Y is for Yoghurt = Greek yoghurt is something that Greece is most famous for. Greek yoghurt is a tasty, rich yoghurt that is often enjoyed with Greek honey for breakfast or as a dessert.

Z is for Zzzzzzzz = Catch up on some sleep whilst in Greece, as the lifestyle is so much more laid back than in other countries, which gives you the perfect excuse to relax.