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Coping With Problems Whilst Living Abroad

Living abroad can sometimes take its toll on you and your family. Unlike living in your home country, you may experience differences of opinions that can have a strong impact on the future of your life in Greece. Whatever problems may occur whilst living abroad, it is important that you are able to cope and can manage in your situation.

You may be planning on staying in Greece or you may be thinking about returning to your home country or moving to a different country altogether. Don't put pressure on yourself and try not to regret any decisions that you have made along the way, you should think positive and try to move on. After all, life abroad isn't always what people think it is, there are equally as many hurdles to overcome as there are at home and are usually also in a foreign language too. Here is our guide to dealing with problems whilst living abroad.

Don't Look Back

Often, when people begin to feel that they regret moving abroad, they wish they could go back and change their decision. Unfortunately there are not time machines to take you back in time and although many of us would love to be able to go back in time to fix mistakes and change certain things, it isn't likely to happen any time soon. Many people who find themselves constantly looking back at their past are more likely to make more bad decisions and mistakes in the future compared to those who forget it and move on.

There are two great phrases that can be used here, the first is:
"Your life is like travelling along a road. If you're always looking behind you, you'll bump in to things in front of you."
The other phrase is:
"Don't look back because that isn't where you're heading!"
So, take a deep breath, look up and do your best to move forward and focus on your life ahead.

Laugh it off

Ok, so when you're feeling low it is extremely difficult to laugh and joke. However, as laughter is the best medicine, you should do what the doctor says. Watch a comical film, have a laugh with some friends, do something fun or simply laugh at yourself to boost your confidence. Laughing can be the hardest thing to do when you're not feeling so good, but it will definitely help to make you feel less stressed and slightly happier.

A change is as good as a rest

If you were to ask a group of people 'who likes change?' then I am sure that many would probably say 'No.' But as they say 'a change is as good as a rest' and usually whenever we get used to something, more times than not we do learn to like it. In some cases, people have bought their dream home but then later find that they struggle to pay the mortgage and other horrendous bills that go with it. After a long period of staring at a room that they know is costing them a fortune and is causing misery, the owners may then decide to sell the property and move house. My point is that if something is causing you such misery and costing you such money, it is better to get away from it and start a new and forget all about it.