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Greek National Holidays

Greece have numerous national holidays throughout the year. Generally Greece follow the Greek Orthodox religion, which means some of the holidays and dates may be different to other countries around the world. National and Public holidays are widely celebrated in Greece and it often means that many businesses and schools are shut on these days. Some places choose to close all day, where as other businesses and associations will open for shorter working hours. However, on most name days and

some of the national holidays, everything remains the same and working hours do not change. So here is your guide to twelve months of national holidays in Greece:

January 1st - Feast of St. Basil

January 6th - Epiphany

January 17th - St. Andonis Day

January 18th - St. Athanasios Day

January 27th - St. Crisostomos

January 30th - The Three Holy Hierarchs

February 1st - St. Trifon's name day

February 3rd - Annis Day

February 3rd - Simeon Day

February 10th - Haralambos and Heraclia Name Day

February 14th - St. Valentina Day

March 2nd - St. Theodore Day

March 19th - Crysanthos Day

March 25th - Independence Day

April - (date is changeable) Easter Sunday

April - (after Easter Sunday) Easter Monday

April 15th - Leonidas Day

April 24th - Elizabeth Day

April 25th - St. Markos Day

May 1st - Labour Day

May 21st - Unification of the Ionian Islands Day of celebration (Corfu)

May 21st - St. Constantine Day

May 21st - Eleni Day

June 21st - European Music Day

August 30th - St. Alexandros Day

September 17th - St. Sophia Day

September 29th - St. Kyriakos

October 21st - Socrates Name Day

October 26th - St. Dimitris Day

October 28th - Greek Ochi Day

November 14th - Philippos Day

November 17th - Polytechneio Day

November 30th - St. Andreas Day

December 4th - St. Barbara Day

December 5th - St. Savas Day

December 6th - St. Nicholas Day

December 9th - St. Anna Day

December 13th - St. Efstratos Day

December 17th - Dinoysis of Zakynthos Day

December 24th - Christmas Eve

December 25th - Christmas Day

December 27th - Stefanos Day

December 31st - New Year's Eve