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Why Move to Greece?

Why move to Greece? There are many advantages and disadvantages for each country and Greece is not in any way different. But moving, especially abroad, can be an exciting experience and can be very fulfilling. Depending on whether you plan to spend a year or the rest of your life in Greece, consider the advantages and disadvantages before you take the plunge and go! There are now thousands of foreigners who have relocated to Greece, as there are many advantages to relocating and living there. Greece is an excellent destination for those want to retire, for families who are moving with

children and even for people travelling alone. Greece is a beautiful place to live and has a lot to offer.




Starting on a positive note, there are many advantages for moving to Greece.

Many foreigners move abroad to search for new oppurtunities and despite what people might think, there are still many oppurtunities for foreigners going to live in Greece. Living abroad gives you oppurtunities to learn a new language, meet new people, settle in to a new culture, work in a foreign environment and find different work.

Learn the lingo
It is always difficult to start with and through the learning process, you can expect to get frustrated at not being able to learn new words and grammar. But generally, when you are able to communicate with locals in Greek, you will feel very pleased with yourself. Learning a foreign language is not always so easy when you're in a classroom environment and is easiest when you live in a country where the language is spoken.

Healthy living
Crete is actually considered to have the healthiest lifestyle in the world, so as a country, Greece must be a fairly healthy place to live. The Greeks are known to enjoy socialising and a glass of ouzo and a cigarette, but their healthy lifestyle counteracts a lot of theses vices. Most of Greece has clean, fresh air and plenty of sunshine, which means that you will be able to get your source of vitamin D from the sun! The heat and sunshine is good for you in the right amounts, as it contains plenty of vitamin D, which protects you from many deadly diseases and helps to prevent them. Not only this, most of the fresh fruit and vegetables are produced in Greece, and contain plenty of nutrients and vitamins, as they don't have far to travel.

Who could forget about the wonderful Greek climate? Whenever people talk about living in Greece, one of the main things that they mention is the good weather! The good weather effects your mood, which is why most people seem happier when the suns out. The good weather in Greece is one of the contributing factors to why so many people choose to live in Greece.

Making friends
The Greeks are said to be very friendly people, and it is certainly true! The Greeks are very hospitable and welcoming people and make expats very welcome in their country.