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Retire to Greece

Retire to Greece - If you are planning your retirement and future, look no further that Greece!

Situated in an ideal position in Southern Europe, Greece already has many foreigners living all over Greece and is a very popular destination with expats from around the world. Often, as you find yourself reaching retirement age, you may fear that you will have too much time on your hands and wonder how you will possibly spend all that time? Retiring abroad or spending half of your time abroad is a great idea and will give you that chance to explore a new country and embark on a new adventure that you may have thought you would have never experienced.

Retire to Greece

Looking at the years that you have spent working, you may have had ambitions throughout your working life to learn a new langauge, live abroad, take up new hobbies, enjoy the countryside, travel, learn a new skill or whatever you wanted to do. Living abroad is a great oppurtunity to experince a range of new things and once you are retired, you will have the time to do all of these things without the stress and worry of having to find work.

Greece is known to have a very healthy lifestyle, the best in the world in fact, and offers a calm and beautiful place to enjoy your retirement. Although Greece is not the most expensive place to retire in Europe, it is not the most expensive and offers a great lifestyle for less. If you worry that your current pension is not as much as what you would have hoped or need, then think how far it will go in Greece compared to other coutries or even your home country.

There are many airports and forms of transport to get around Greece and travel to different countries, so travelling around is still a possibility for you if you decide to retire to Greece. There is also the advantage that the weather is warm during the summer months and winters can sometimes be mild. There are also may English speakers in Greece, which makes the moving process a lot easier to begin with, whilst you get to grips with learning the language.

There are so many Greek islands in Greece that offer different lifestyles, some are quieter and other are very busy and created for tourists. Prices for property vary in different areas and on different islands, but there are still some hidden gems to be found at bargain prices all over Greece. Generally the cost of living is still very reasonable compared to countries in Northern Europe and other European countries aimed at holiday makers. There is also a lower crime rate as well, which makes country an idyllic place to live when you retire to Greece!