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An Expat Interview with Kay Holston

Kay Holston, a retired DJ and kareoke host and her husband, a retired Insurance broker spend half of their time in Greece and the other part in the UK. They have owned a property on the island of Kos, Greece for 5 years and visit their home at least 3 times a year. In our exclusive interview with Kay Holsten, she tells us what life is like living between both countries and although Kay and her husband are not certain whether they will eventually move to Greece permanently, she gives us an insight in to her life in Kos

Hello Kay, Where are you originally from?
I am originally from Plymouth in Devon.

What made you decide to move to Greece?
It was mostly to do with the good climate, the lifestyle and the location.

Have you always lived where you live now in Greece or have you changed location with in Greece?
We have only ever lived on the island of Kos, where we have our home. However, we don't live in Kos permanently, we split our time between Kos and the UK.

How do you spend your days and nights usually?
In the daytime we enjoy cycling or walking. On the summer evenings we like to go out at night, where as in the winter we prefer to stay at home.

Do you understand much Greek? If so, how much?
Well I don't live in Greece permanantly however, I do know enough of the language to make myself understood.

How long had it took you to grasp the language and is it a hard language to learn?
well we took a basic evening course in the UK and we often watch Greek television with a dictionary at hand, but generally it is a pretty hard language to learn!

Is it mainly locals or tourists in you area?
It is mainly locals that live in our area.

Is there anything that you miss from the UK when you are in Greece?
Definitely our family and friends!

What are the advantages for you about living in Greece?
There is a much greater oppurtunity for outdoor living and we also like the healthy lifestyle here.

What are the possible disadvantages about living in Greece?
The hot weather in the summer can be hard to deal with and also missing our family and friends from the UK.

How easy was it for you to settle in to Greek life?
We have found it very easy to settle in to life in Greece, but so far our longest stay has been 8 weeks.

Was it easy making friends? expats or locals?
Again, this was also very easy. Our friends are so helpful, they have helped us with translations and different processes and so on.

Is there anything you would have changed about your move to Greece?
No, not at all.

Do you find that there are many cultural differences in Greece compared to your home country?
There are visible differences but there is nothing that we have found too difficult.

You spend your time living between Kos and the UK, how do you feel when you return to Greece?
it is always great to return to Greece!

What advice would you give to anyone planning on relocating to Greece semi-permanently?
Getting as much information as possible and compare experiences on the subject. Be prepared for some of the processes happen faster, where as others are very slow. The main thing is to enjoy the whole experience and although you may come across things that are different, they often turn out to be better.