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Plan a Cheap DIY Break in Greece

Turn on the television, the radio or the computer and you'll see and hear all about the financial crisis and the credit crunch that is around at this moment. Fancy a relaxing break from your usual life or do you perhaps want to know more on how to live in Greece on a budget? Here is how to live and travel to Greece on a budget! Land in the wrong area of Greece and you'll find yourself pennyless by the end of the day, but shop around and get to know the best places to stay, shop and wine and dine and you will get to live the high life on a small budget. The credit

crunch has been a nightmare for anyone that has suffered in its hands, but on the possitive side, has made prices of some services plummet!! If you fancy a quick getaway then read carefully!

DIY holiday
If you are looking for a bargain don't book a trip during the peak season. Prices for holidays in Greece soar during the summer months and therefore mean that services, prices in restaurants and shops will most probably be higher too, so don't book a trip in the hight of summer. Shop around for the best deals on flights and book your own accommadation on a reputable website. It is suprising at just how much you can save when you do things yourself and cut out the expense of the 'middle man' also known as the very overpriced travel agents that persuade you to book expensive package holidays, just so they gain extra comission. Booking the flights, transport and accommadation yourself also allows you to choose an area and holiday that is suitable for you. If however, you do decide to have a DIY trip to Greece, you will need to find your own travel and medical insurance yourself.

Right Place at the Right Time
Going to a five star hotel in July when the temperature are through the roof and the towns are heaving with families with small children spells one thing - expensive!!! The well known Greek towns and cities are always the places that keep their prices, but find a place as little as 5km away from a major town and the prices will half! So you don't have to worry about being in an unknown place that you have never heard of, you can keep close by to busy resorts, towns and cities but keep far enough away from them so that your credit card will benefit.

During the peak months June, July and August, prices are through the roof and everything is more expensive. Not only that, but if you don't want to be surrounded by crowds of people in the hot summer heat, it is best not to choose these months. The weather is still nice in the months of April, May and September and the prices of hotels are a lot cheaper too, plus there are less tourists at this time of year so you will get to experience a quieter and more authentic Greece. Companies dealing in car hire, hotels, villas and flight companies know that there are less tourists during the out of season period, which is why they lower their prices for their services. Although it may seem like the perfect time to travel, families with children are often unable to take their children out of school during term time and therefore will not travel during term time, meaning that prices are lower and places are less crowded.

Wining and Dining
For anyone that has travelled Greece will know, prices for eating and drinking out vary massively. In some places, a five course meal will cost you pence, where as a snack in another bar will cost you an arm and a leg. If you are keen to live like the Greek and wine and dine Greek style, then it is definitely worth doing as they call it "doing as the Greeks do" and eating where they do. A great meal in a traditional Greek restaurant will be the same prices that the Greek locals would expect to pay and not as overpriced as a place aimed at tourists. Many tourists are fooled in to thinking that Greece in an expensive place to live, because they compare true Greek living to the week or fortnight that they spent living on an overpriced holiday resort. There are many international restaurants providing multicultural cuisine, as well as plenty of little Greek taverns where you can taste real Greek cuisine. A key thing to remember, is that if you think that something is expensive, it is most likely not aimed at the Greeks. Some small Greek bars and restaurants are not aimed at tourists because they are out of the way or the staff don't speak English, but it is easy to get by and to practise a little of the lingo before you go.