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Benefits of living Abroad

Benefits of living Abroad - Living abroad has been proven to make you more creative, according to a recent study carried out by an American Psychological Association. Compared to those who never leave their home country, people that move abroad become more open minded and able to deal with situations more easily and in different ways. Why and what are the benefits of living abroad? Well, initially moving to a new country can be a difficult task and therefore requires a new way of thinking. The tasks and challenges that are thrown at you, must be dealth with in a different way and so many foreigners adapt to a different way of life and a new way of thinking.

Benefits of Moving Abroad

Although these changes are less noticable to the person themselves, friends and family that have known the person before and after living abroad are more likely to notice a difference. The initial challenge of settling in to a new country and altering your lifestyle, makes you more confident and as many people consider this to be one of the most difficult aspects of moving abroad, once it has been overcome, people can deal with other tasks a lot easier. Many people find that just living in their home countries; they reguararly face a number of obstacles, but they are not dealt with in the same way as they would be if you were to live abroad.

For the majority of foreigners the benefits of living abroad in a new country, they have to master a foreign language and be able to communicate with people of a different culture or race. This means that when a problem occurs, they must deal with it and solve it, whilst communicating in a foreign language. To begin with, this can prove challenging and frustrating for most of us. However, after overcoming this stage and progressing with settling in, everything becomes easier and tasks and problems that once seemed like a major difficulty, can be solved quicker and easier.

Adapting a new way of life and accepting it as your new life, makes a person more open minded and creative. It is not always easy for some people, to completely question what they have learnt in their life until now and change their way of thinking and culture. Depending on where you live, depends on how much you will have to learn and how different the culture is. But wherever you live abroad, there is a guarenteed culture difference and involves learning a new language, way of life, cuisine, climate and even religion. All of these are benefits of moving abroad and help to make a person more creative, open minded, optimistic and able to solve tasks quickly and effectively.

In the study that was carried out by the American association, a group of students were asked to perform some tasks. It was proven that those that had lived in a foreign country, could not only solve the tasks quickly, but had a logical and creative way of solving them too. Those students that had never lived in a foreign country, tried to complete the tasks by using a routine method, but not as many of this group could complete the task and those that did found it more difficult.

Perhaps the main reason why this study shows that those who have live in a foreign country can solve simple tasks easier, is because they have learnt at least two ways of life. For exampe if a person has lived in their home country and then moved to Greece, they will have learnt their way of life as they knew it in their home country and then a new way of life in Greece. Using what they know from experiencing life in both countries, a person can solve a dilemma using the knowledge that they have gained from their experiences, so the benefits of moving abroad really do help.