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Taking A Greek Driving Test

Driving is now a common form of transport, with most people owning their own vehicle, it makes getting from A to B a lot easier. Many foreigners move to Greece every year, the majority may already possess their own driving license from their home country and unless they need to change their driving license to a Greek one, they usually continue to drive without any knowledge of obtaining a driving license in Greece.

There are many reasons why you may choose to take a driving test in Greece, but whatever the reason, if you plan to take a Greek driving test, you must first know what is required and the process.


Firstly, Greek traffic flows on the right hand side of the road, like most parts of the world. You must be at least 18 years of age to obtain a license or learn to drive a car, and a valid license is needed for any kind of vehicle that you choose to drive. Generally, if you have an E.U license already, you usually have no problems in continuing to drive in Greece, as long as it is valid. Anyone from outside of the E.U should check if they need to exchange their license for a new Greek one, if they are planning to live and drive in Greece long-term.

To obtain a scooter license, you must be at least 15 years old and complete the theory and practical test and pass both. To drive a scooter, a special scooter license is required, as it is illegal to drive a scooter without one, even if the driver has a valid license to drive a car/motorcycle etc. On completing the test, you will be issued a license that is usually valid for life and doesn't need to be renewed.

To apply for a license to drive a small motorcycle (max. engine capacity 125cc), you must complete and pass both a theoretical and practical test. To pass both tests you must first: complete 10 hours of practical lessons using the bike, have no other licenses Greek, EU or other for driving a motorcycle, complete 20 hours of theory, you must be a resident of Greece, 16 years or over to drive a small motorcycle or 18-21 years and over for larger bikes, pass the physical and mental requirements and then you should be able to pass both tests before completing your test and finally you will then be issued with a license.

Driving lessons are available in both Greek and English, but the actual test, for any vehicle, is in Greek only. But not to worry, as only a basic knowledge of the language is needed to understand the test.

Learning to drive a car in Greece, is the same as most other countries. There is a variation of practical and theoretical lessons and the course is then completed with the final test, which on passing the test successfully, you will be issued with a drivers license. To complete the test you must: be a Greek resident, have no other driving licenses (Greek/EU or otherwise), complete 10 hours of practical lessons, complete 20 hours of theoretical lessons and successfully pass mental and physical requirements. The applicant must also complete a form, produce a photocopy of a passport or ID (with date of birth), 2 passport/ID sized photo's, driving lesson receipts, 2 health certificates from an ophthalmologist and the other from a Gp, and a residency card if you are not a Greek citizen. These docements must be taken to the local Citizen Service Centre (KEP) or the local Transport and Communications Department.

Drivers licenses must be renewed every two years after the driver reaches 70 years old and wishes to renew their license. The renewal of the license means that instead of re-taking the test, the driver must undergo specific health checks to certify that they are still able to drive.

For drivers who have recently passed their test, they must display a visible red 'N' sign in the back window of their car to notify other drivers and the police that they are a new driver. This law applies for the first six months after the completion of the test, after these six months, the driver is free to drive without such sign.