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Setting Goals for the New Year

The start of 2013 is a perfect time for setting goals for the New Year. It is when most of us like to give up our vices, take up new hobbies and do something worthwhile. Unfortunately for most of us, we seem to put too much pressure on ourselves and we fail miserably and within the first week or two of the New Year, we are back to our normal overindulgent selves. However, make 2013 different from the rest and begin setting goals for the New Year and plan on sticking to them! If it is your first New Year in Greece or you are planning on spending the next year in Greece, then try something new this year and set yourselves some Greek New Year's resolutions.



Setting goals for the New Year - Drive yourself crazy

If you have always wanted to learn to drive and have never had the courage or the time, then why not make that your number one priority this year and get a Greek driving license. Maybe you already have a license and drove in your home country, but have not your confidence since moving to Greece? If this is the case, then this year is the year to get back behind the wheel. Driving in Greece can be a frightening prospect, especially if you have seen how the local's drive, but overcoming your fears is like jumping in to cold water - it's a shock to begin with but you soon warm to it! Or perhaps you can drive already but your license has expired, then in this case there is no excuse! A quick visit to your local police station or traffic police and the problem is solved! The ability to drive is a great skill to have, especially if you have recently moved to Greece, because you have a whole new country to explore. If you are considering learning to drive in Greece, it is not as complicates as it may appear, check out our artilce on getting a Greek license and get on your way to "driving yourself crazy" and exploring Greece!

Setting goals for the New Year - Learn The Lingo

Are you planning on relocating to Greece in the near future? Have you been living in Greece and are unsatisfied with your progress so far. Moving abroad is a challenge, but satisfying at the same time however, in the beginning you often have very little time to learn the language and so it takes a back seat whilst you get used to your new surroundings. This year is the perfect time to change all that! It is never too early to start learning a second language, there are even language classes aimed at babies now, which proves this point is true! How ever old you are, it is not an impossible task to learn a new language. Children and teenagers learn more quickly, probably due to the fact that they make friends easily when they live abroad and therefore pick up the language by communicating with their new friends. Adults on the other hand, often feel intimidated by not knowing how to communicate with someone at their age. For most adults, it has been a long time since they were in a learning environment and find it very difficult to be taught something and have the interest or the concentration to learn something new. Not only that, many of us don't like to feel as though we are being told what to do as if we were back at school, which is one of the main reasons that adults are more likely to fail when they try to learn a foreign language. Don't fall in to this category and make sure that you start learning Greek. There are many advantages to being able to speak a foreign language and in the end the hard work will pay off!

Setting goals for the New Year - Feel the rhythm

For anyone that has seen the Greek style of dancing, I am sure that you will agree that it is fabulous to watch and makes a very entertaining evening. But it's not just in the Greek genes, you too can learn to dance Greek style! If you can't find lessons in your area, get a friend or local to teach you. Dancing is great fun and a great form of excerise. If you don't think you have the nereve to attend classes, then get a Greek friend or neighour to teach you and they'll no doubt be delighted that you are taking such an interest in their culture. Once you start learning, you will not only see yourself making great progress, but also be able to join in on the local dances throughout the year! Learning Greek dancing may be just for fun or perhaps you want to take it up more seriously, either way get your dancing shoes on and have some fun!!

Setting goals for the New Year - Let's get cooking!

Greek cuisine is one of the best in the world, as they say, but perhaps it is because much of the ingredients were produced in Greece. As you settle in to Greek life and meet new friends, you may want to invite them for dinner, but if you are a catastrophic cook, then maybe it would be a good idea to learn to cook first. Maybe you are already a five star chef when it comes to cooking your national dishes, but want to try your hands at learning to cook some Greek dishes?! Cooking lessons are widely available and if you don't quite feel up to that, then a Greek friend would be happy to help you. The Greeks, as a nation, are very kind and sociable people, and would be happy to see that you are keen on learning to cook their national dishes. If you haven't done so already, try our Vassilopita cake recipe, which is the traditional cake for New Year's Day!

Setting goals for the New Year is a great way to begin a new year off whatever you choose to give up or intend to try out.