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An Interview with Expat Christine Rogers

Christine Rogers, who is originally from Wales, now lives in Kardamena on the Greek island of Kos. In our fourth expat interview, Quest talks to Christine about life as an expat in Greece.

Christine has lived on the island for 29 years and has a wealth of knowledge on the subject of living in Greece, integrating and learning the language.







So Christine, where are you originally from?
-I am originally from Wales, but my father was in the army so I attended 11 different schools throughout my years at school until I was 16.

What made you decide to move to Greece?
-Well, I had been working on cruise liners all ove the world for seven years. I decided to settle down and move back to Wales, but after a year I decided that it wasn't for me and applied for a job with Olympic holidays, who sent me to live in Greece.

Have you always lived where you live now in Greece or have you changed location with in Greece?
-I have always lived in Kardamena in Kos

How long have you lived there?
-I have lived here now for 29 years.

How do you spend your days and nights usually?
-In the summer I spend my time working either as a rep or helping my husband with his rent a car business. In the winter I usually relax, attend Greek lessons, table top sales or drinking coffee and wine..oops!!

Sounds like a great life! Is it easy for foreigners to find work there?
-In the summer yes, it is easy for foreigners to find work.

Do you understand much Greek? If so, how much?
-Yes I understand mostly everything.

How long had it took you to grasp the language?
-I am still learning, but i'll never be fluent, it is just too hard for that.

Is Greek a difficult language to learn?
-Yes it is very difficult!

In your daily life, what language do you communicate in?
-I communicate in both languages when I am at home with my children and husband. However, most of my husbands family do not speak English, therfore we mostly communicate in Greek.

Tell us about your bar...
-I do own a bar, but I don't work there. I rent the bar out and it is an upmarket coffee house.

What do you miss about your home country?
-Nothing, just my family and friends.

What are the advantages for you about living in Greece?
-Well, I have been here so long and I was here in the boom years and managed to build our two villas, our bar, two small flats and our rent a car business.

Wow! That is fantastic! What are the disadvantages about living in Greece?
-The Beaurocracy here!
There is a stamp for everything and there is often so much paper work needed for everything, luckily my husband deals with all that!

How easy was it for you to settle in to Greek life?
-It was very easy to settle in here.

Was it easy making friends? expats or locals?
-This was again very easy, I have both expat and locals as friends. I live in a village with about 1200 inhabitants, which swells to about 25, 000 in the summer months, because there are some huge hotel complexes on the outside of the village.

Is there anything you would have changed about your move to Greece?
-No, nothing at all.

Do you find that there are many cultural differences in Greece compared to your home country?
-yes there are loads.

Do you visit your home country often? If so, are you glad to return to Greece?
-No I don't go back to visit very often. Yes I am always glad to return when I do go back to visit. The nice thing about visiting the UK is that i appreciate Greece much more when i return!

What advice would you give to anyone planning on relocating to Greece?
-Go with the flow, don't try to change their traditions and compare things with the UK.

Thank you Christine for your very interesting interview and all the bestto you!