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Greek Christmas Gifts

Greek Christmas Gifts - It's Christmas time again and that means it's time to do some Christmas shopping. If you're living in Greece and are looking for something different to give to your friends and family back home, then why not send them something that is unique to Greece?! Whether you visit your family and friends over the Christmas period, or send them presents by post, get them something unique this Christmas. If you are struggling to think of gifts for all the family, we have it sorted with a list of ideas of Greek christmas gifts!!



Everyone loves to receive presents, especially when they are special or something that they wouldn't have bought themselves. Greece is full of souvenirs and gifts that your friends and family will be unable to get at home. Even if you are on a tight budget this year, your loved ones from back at home will be overjoyed when they receive a gift that they can't buy at home.

For Her

For all your female relatives, you will be able to find plenty of exclusive Greek cosmetics and toiletries, that they are guarenteed to love. Greece is a producer of olive oil and many of their cosmetics are made from olive oil, such as soaps, lip balms and shampoos. All of these cosmetics smell great and can be bought very cheap. Olive oil itself is full of good qulaities and so are the cosmetics and toiletries too. Olive oil lip balm, soap and shampoo all have natural qualities in them, so they are unlikely to give people a reaction.
There are also many beautiful hand made bags and belts that can be found in the right areas. Each item is hand made and often every piece is unique and different. The designs and colours vary and the final piece is a beautiful one of a kind accessory at a reasonable price.

For Him

Greek "worry beads" are very commonly worn amongst Greek men, because they are considered to be a symbol of wealth, power and culture. There are many varieties available and you can buy them in a range of different colours. The beads were originally something to be played with, but now they can be found as pieces of jewelry, such as bracelets and necklaces.
Why not also take a trip to the local stationary shop and buy some original Greek stationary. Don't opt for the colourful tourist stuff, but the ones with Greek letters on them. You can choose from: pens, pencils, notepads and erasers that have Greek words and lettering on them, so it will make writing Christmas cards and thank you letters a lot more interesting!

For the children

If your younger relatives have letter blocks with Latin letters on them, why not give them playing blocks with Greek letters and words on them. They are unlikely to want to learn Greek if they very young, but they will be sure to find the unusual style of writing very interesting to look at, as well as the adults!!

For everyone to enjoy

Greek olive oil is used in salads, cooking, and seasoning foods and is something that can be enjoyed by the whole family this year. Even if Greek olive oil can be found in shops at home, there is something extra special about it being bought from Greece.
Traditional Greek music is still very popular in Greece and has a very unique sound. If your friends and family like to listen to music from other cultures, then they will most likely enjoy listening to Greek music too, so why not send a CD of Greek hits.
Greek coffee and tea are drank by many all over Greece. Often you will see many people gathered in the local bars and cafes to enjoy a hot beverage before or after work, which is why they produce such excellent tea and coffee, which your relatives back home can enjoy too.
Greek wine and ouzo are exclusive to Greece and although they may also be available to buy in other countries, the huge variety will not be available. So your friends and family can enjoy this Christmas with an added Greek influence from our Greek Christmas gifts list!