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An Interview With Expat, Colin Jones

Moving abroad can be an exciting, yet daunting prospect. Especially when you have to master a new language, make new friends and adapt to a new life. So it is always nice to hear of someone who has took the plunge, relocated and settled in to life abroad. In the article, Quest got the chance to interview Colin Jones, a British expat living on the Greek island of Kos.


  • Hi Colin. What made you decide to move to Kos?
    I visited as a tourist 12 years ago and fell in love with the place.
  • And how long have you lived in Kos now?
    I moved here 4 years ago.
  • Have you moved within Greece or have you always lived in Kos.
    No, I haven't moved anywhere within Greece. I've always lived in Kos in a town called Dodecanese.
  • The Greek language looks a very difficult language indeed, is it really as difficult as it looks?
    Well after 4 years, my Greek is passable. I am quite able to communicate with locals, order drinks and things in a shop or bar, and answer most questions.
  • How easy was it for you to make friends?
    I work in a bar, so making friends was quite easy. Although, people mainly use the bar in winter and summer.
  • How would you describe the area where you live? Is it popular with other expats?
    It is a tourist area and there are also a couple of hundred expts here too.
  • How do you usually spend your days and nights?
    During the summer, I spend the evenings working at a bar and I go to the beach or pool during the daytime. In the winter months, I only work 5 nights a week and on my free nights when i'm not working, I like to relax at home either reading or watching a Dvd.
  • Do you go back very often to the UK to visit? If you do, how do you feel when you return to Greece?
    I visit once or twice a year to see family. It is getting increasingly less appealing and I look forward to returning every time.
  • Do you have any regrets about moving to Greece?
  • What do you like prefer about living in Greece compared to the UK?
    I prefer the Greek slower pace of life and the good climate.
  • Are there any disadvantages to living in Greece?
    No, nothing major.
  • Often, when people move abroad they complain about the lack of home comforts, such as food, drink, take-aways etc. Do you feel the same?
    No, not really.
  • Is there anything that you miss about living in the UK?
    I miss my family, live sport, having a good cinema, going to the theatre, 24 hour shopping and a British style Chinese take-away!!
  • Do you see yourself moving from Greece in the future? Maybe back to the UK or elsewhere?
    I doubt I will move from Greece, but you can never say never.
  • As you have lived in Greece now for 4 years, can you give any advice to anybody who is planning to relocate to Greece in the future?
    Do your homework before moving. Find a sponsor of some description to help you move (as in finding property etc), use the sponsor to find out about paperwork etc. Come and live a winter first before summer to experience how quiet it can get.