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Basic Introduction to the Greek Language Part 2

Here is a follow up of some words of the Greek language. We will first of all take a look at the Greek Alphabet:


Αα Alpha

Ββ Beta

Γγ Gamma

Δδ Delta

Εε Epsilon

Ζζ Zeta

Ηη Eta

Θθ Theta

Ιι Iota

Κκ Kappa

Λλ Lambda

Μμ Mu

Νν Nu

Ξξ Xi

Οο Omicron

Ππ Pi

Σσς Sigma

Ττ Tau

Υυ Upsilon

Φφ Phi

Χχ Chi

Ψψ Psi

Ωω Omega



Now we have some basic day to day words that could come in handy:

Today – Simera

Tomorrow – Avrio

Yesterday – Hthes

This one – Afto

Now – Tora

Later – Argotera

Open – Anihto

closed – klisto

Bakery – Fournos

Hospital – Nosokomio

Pharmacy – Farmakio

Bank – Trapeza

Post office – Tahidromio

Stamps – Gramatosima

Money – Lefta

Toilet – Toualleta

Doctor – Yiatros

Police – Astynomia

Expensive – Akrivo

Cheap – Ftino

Small – Mikro

Big – Megalo


Last time we gave you the numbers from 1-10.Now we have the following 10:

Eleven – Edeka

Twelve – Dodeka

Thirteen – Deka Tria

Fourteen – Deka Tessera

Fifteen – Deka Pende

Sixteen – Deka Exi

Seventeen – Deka Epta

Eighteen – Deka Okto

Nineteen – Deka Enea

Twenty - Ikosi

More to come soon!