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An Introduction to the Greek Language

An basic introduction to the Greek language - The Greek alphabet was the first alphabet to separate every letter with a different symbol. The alphabet consists of 24 letters, which are used in the Greek language.
Modern Greek is spoken in Greece, Cyprus, Central and Southern Bulgaria, Turkey, Southern Albania, Southern Italy and parts of southern Macedonia and other surrounding countries.
Greek is the official language of Cyprus and Greece.
It is one of the 23 official languages in the EU.  Greece, Cyprus and other countries around the world, form the 15 million people who speak Greek around the world.

The Greek language is rich in vocabulary, one of the richest languages in the world, containing over 600,000 words. Parts of the Greek language are used in other languages too, for example the English language has adapted more than 50,000 words from Modern Greek.

Language basics
(using latin phonetics)

Yes = ne
No = ohi
Please = parakalo
Ok = endaxi
Thank you = efharisto
Good = kalo

One = ena
Two = dio
Three = tria
Four = tessera
Five = pende
Six = exi
Seven = epta
Eight = okto
Nine = enea 
Ten = deka