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Cost of Living in the Greek Islands

All over Europe and most parts of the world, the cost of living is drastically increasing.

Greece  no longer has the cheap cost of living that it once had. The un-spoilt areas of Greece still have a lower cost of living, where as areas made to attract tourists are more expensive.

Property to buy and rent is still less expensive than that of  many other western European countries.. Renting a modern 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment with a large lounge and kitchen, will cost the equivalent to 300 GBP per month.
Rented property can still be found very cheap in more secluded areas.
In general, the price of renting varies on how popular and busy the area is. Prices are much higher in cities and towns that appeal to tourists in contrast to more unknown towns, where the majority of residents are Greek and therefore the prices are lower.

An average water bill for 2-4 people is about 20 GBP, depending on how much water is used.  This price differs throughout the year, and  factors such as growing your own fruit and vegetables can have an impact on this  due to the added amount of water  they can require during very dry summers.

Landlines and mobile phones are used in Greece. Using a mobile to phone abroad can be very expensive, but calling others within Greece is not at all. If you decide to get a landline telephone, prices are very reasonable. For an average family of four calling family back home in the U.K.for example, a monthly bill will be approx 10-20 GBP.

Climate amongst the many Greek Islands vary considerably with some such as Crete having mild winters, whilst some others can suffer very cold and even snowy winters with minus temperatures.
Many choose to install electrical heating and air conditioning which caters for both seasons. These are both powered by electricity, which as a result means that the monthly electric bill will be higher. Running both appliances at appropriate times of the year, plus your average daily electrical usage, would amount to a 70 GBP electric bill per month for the average family. There are other alternative heating and cooling systems that are powered via other means, and therefore could drastically lower the electricity bill.

Many expats choose to install a satellite dish, in which you are able to find both English and Greek channels. Having satellite T.V allows you to catch up on the news and current affairs in either Greek or English language. Satellite packages vary in price, but after paying a possible installation fee, the monthly payment is usually near to 25 GBP.

Eating out in Greece is an important part of the culture. Not only will you have the opportunity to try some of the fabulous Greek cuisine, you will have the chance to integrate with the locals and meet new people. In comparison to the U.K., it is much better value to wine and dine in Greece.

This is what to expect to pay when eating out in Greece:
(Prices are in GBP)
2 course meal for 2 –  30-40.00
coffee from a locals bar – 1.50
coffee from a tourists bar – 3.00
beer in a local bar – 1.20
beer in a tourists bar – 3.50
1 liter wine – 5.00 cappuccino – 2.50
Greek salad with cheese – 5.00
Greek salad without cheese – 4.00
Steak meal – 8.50
chicken meal – 7.50

Eating out is popular with locals and tourists. If you search for the more traditional Greek bars and restaurants where the locals go to, the prices could be up to 50%  cheaper than  a bar/restaurant on a resort.

Shopping in supermarkets is fairly inexpensive, especially if you plan on purchasing only local goods. A shopping bill for a family of four is an average of  500-700 GBP per month, this includes buying meat, cigarettes and alcohol.
This can depend on weather your shopping bill includes imported goods, alcohol or cigarettes. Greece has   numerous amounts of supermarkets, where you will find imported brands and local brands, however, imported brands   can be rather expensive.

This is what you can expect to pay on average in  a  Greek supermarket: (prices in GBP)
500ml bottle of beer – 0.60
bottle of wine – 5-10.00
packet of crisps- 0.70
can of soda – 0.70
plain Greek yoghurt – 1.00
fruit yoghurt – 1.20
medium bottle Ouzo – 4.00
packet of cigarettes (known brand) – 3.00
1 liter of milk – 1.40
small loaf of bread – 1.20
Large loaf of bread – 2.00
1 liter bottle of water – 0.80
500g butter – 2.50
bottle of hair shampoo – 3.50
Colgate toothpaste – 1.90
deodorant – 3.60
pack of gum – 0.80

Locally grown produce can be purchased very cheaply at markets and local shops..

Most of the expats in Greece agree that their cost of living is definitely less expensive compared to that of the their home country.
Expats in Greece report that their utility bills, shopping bills and general cost of  living are a great deal cheaper in Greece.