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Retirement on the Greek Islands - Location



Before deciding upon your dream island, do plenty of research. Each island has different characteristics and prices vary between them. Take off the rose-tinted glasses and have a good look at each location before you make the final decision on the location and the property.

You may have visited a particular island and fallen in love with it but spending a few weeks on holiday is completely different from living there. Whilst during a holiday, the place may be very busy, this may not be the same during the winter months when many workers leave the summer towns. It is important not to feel isolated as an expat, so check that the place you are thinking of does not become a ghost-town for part of the year. It is certainly worth considering properties inland. You may find it easier to integrate with neighbours who are there all year round, running their olive farms. Additionally, rural property can be half the price of on the coast.  Being right on the sea or with a sea view is great but can be expensive.

Currently, some of the most popular locations with retirees are Skopelos island, Chania in Crete and the island of Samos. Skopelos has become popular after the release of the film Mamma Mia and prices are going up. Chania is extremely beautiful and if you get away from the town itself and look inland you'll find decent properties for less than 100,000 euros. Samos is wonderful and doesn't have as many tourists in the summer but is slightly more expensive, with a 3 bedroom home around 150,000 euros.

If you can spend more time on the Greek Island of your choice before finally buying a property, then it is worth doing this. You'll get to meet more locals - and you'll get to meet other expats. Expats are an interesting bunch as a rule. You'll find those who do nothing but complain about their new life, then others who absolutely adore it. Usually, the first group are moaning because they have not integrated and just want to live the same kind of life they had back home. The second group are those who have tried to mingle into the Greek Island lifestyle and understand and enjoy that things are different. Elect to go with the second group as they will prove to be a mine of information and very helpful to you!