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Christmas Traditions in Greece

Christmas Traditions in Greece: Christmas is one of the most important religious celebrations in the Greek Orthodox calendar. Religiously it holds less significance than Easter but in terms of a family celebration it is probably the most important event of the year.  In Greece the Christmas holiday lasts over 12 days from Christmas Eve to Epiphany on January 6th   although presents are exchanged either on December 6th at the feast of St Nicolas or January 1st on St. Basil’s Day.

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Christmas Customs in Greece

Christmas Customs in Greece: Christmas is one of the most celebrated, if not the most celebrated holiday of the year. It doesn't matter what has happened the rest of the year, how old you are or whether you are male or female, Chritsmas is one of the best loved holidays in the world. If you are living in Greece or plan to travel to Greece for christmas this year, read on to learn what to expect this christmas and learn some Christmas customs in Greece.


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Stop Food Waste and Save Money

save moneyIn the past parents would encourage children to eat all of their food off the plate, as it was a waste of money to throw it away as most families couldn't afford it.

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Wedding Ceremony Rituals in Greece

In Greece wedding ceremony rituals are deeply immersed in culture and tradition.

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Tips on Ticks

tips on ticksSpending time outdoors in the warmer weather in wooded areas or walking in long grass is great, but be aware of the irritating insects called Ticks that are around from the months of May to June.

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Things Can Only Get Feta Review

things can only get feta reviewAuthor Marjory McGinn gives a well written account about her adventure living in a quaint, rural hillside Greek village in the midst of the Greek crisis.

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Plan a Cheap DIY Break in Greece

piggy bankTurn on the television, the radio or the computer and you'll see and hear all about the financial crisis and the credit crunch that is around at this moment. Fancy a relaxing break from your usual life or do you perhaps want to know more on how to live in Greece on a budget? Here is how to live and travel to Greece on a budget! Land in the wrong area of Greece and you'll find yourself pennyless by the end of the day, but shop around and get to know the best places to stay, shop and wine and dine and you will get to live the high life on a small budget. The credit

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Staying Safe in Summer

staying safe in summerTime spent outdoors in the summer can provide a number of health benefits including raising Vitamin D levels which helps towards the protection against cancer and Osteoporosis.

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Jobs for Couples Overseas

classNowadays there are even more jobs for couples overseas than ever. The situation has got that married or not couples are taking the exciting opportunity to head off to different parts of the world looking for a better way of life, together.

Today an increasing number of marriages fail due to the fact that one   takes a job overseas leaving their other half at home. Going abroad yourself can be a lonely time; however this could be a significantly more pleasurable experience if you are accompanied with your loved one.

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