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A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing

dont rely on forums for best adviceToday with just a couple of clicks at your keyboard you can be taken anywhere through the internet. Great - or is it? How do you know if the pages you land on offer you good advice or not? There’s the rub! When searching for property in the Greek Islands, services or information you are wanting reliable answers for your own questions which you have. Buying and owning a Greek property, living on the islands, how to do things... all this can be tricky, so you need to be careful where you take advice from and make sure that you conform to the country's laws.

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Living and Life on Crete

One Briton's view of the pros and cons of living on the Greek Island of Crete. Having bought her own property on this popular island, Rachael Brand, aged 34, gives an insight into what it is all about. Obsessed with exploring the Greek Islands from a young age, the idea of buying a home and living on Crete had her in its grasp. From the moment she visited Crete for the first time as a child with her mum and dad, Rachael was in love with the place hook, line and sinker. She now has her own small house, high up on a hill overlooking the sea and shares with us her insider thoughts on her life as an expat.

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The Expat Social World on the Greek Islands

Living permanently on a Greek Island doesn’t mean that you have to lose all links with home. In fact if you are worried about not having much contact with expats, don’t despair as many of the Greek islands have a large expat community, which offers many different and exciting activities to help foreign newcomers to the islands feel welcome and to enhance their social lives. There is such a wide variety of organized groups that you will soon find plenty of friends and perhaps new hobbies because the islands offer everything from playing the fiddle to organized girly chatting. We take a look at some of the activities on four of the most popular islands.

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Retirement on the Greek Islands

Buying property in the Greek Islands and retiring there is not about making a stack of money but is about investing in a lifestyle. From an entirely financial perspective, Greek property is a slow but steady gainer so, if you want a holiday home to use every year or an idyllic place to retire, it is one of the best possible destinations to choose. Quest Greek Islands looks at why the Greek isles are a good bet for those considering retirement in the sun and what considerations you should take for making the most of your finances.

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Running Your Own Bar

Running a bar is a dream for many foreigners looking to escape the rat race and live in the sun on a Greek Island. Whilst the initial process may involve lots of Grecian red tape, it is as much a possibility as setting up a bar at home, except that your Greek Island bar will have the benefits of a warm climate, a laid back lifestyle and lower costs. Follow our step by step guide to learn how your dream of a Greek Island bar can become a reality.

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Our Life in Rhodes

The Robinson family moved to the island of Rhodes in 2007. Peter, aged 45 and his wife Sarah, 36 are parents of two children Leah, 12 and Simon 4. Sarah recalls, ‘We moved from the city of Brighton because our debts were mounting and we were worried that the property bubble would burst and we would miss our opportunity to emigrate. We were thinking about moving for a while but several things stop us; Leah being in school and settled so we decided to wait until she finished middle school, Simon being so young and finally because me and Peter were working and running around after the kids all the time and had hardly any time to think about it, but the one thing we knew we had to do was find a property near the sea as we are a family who loves the water!’

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Living in Crete

Daniel Watson, aged 38 and his wife Sophie, 35 moved to the western side of Crete near to the city of Chania in 2003, ‘we moved from Sunderland because my wife was a mobile hairdresser and wanted a change in career and scenery,’ Daniel explains, ‘we heard on the television so many reports about Crete so we came on holiday here for a month fell in love and as soon as we got home we put the house on the market.’ Daniel and Sophie fell in love with their town for several reasons, ‘we love to walk and with the mountains and the Samaria Gorge and the lovely stretch along the Libyan Sea it is ideal’ says Sophie.

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Real Life on a Greek Island

making the moveSitting at home and watching the rain drizzle down the window pane day in often brings thoughts of how green the grass is elsewhere, but is this notion really true? Can a permanent move to a Greek Island really be the solution to your problems? Or are you really dreaming about the endless happy memories you have when holidaying there?

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The Greek Islands - a Shopper's Paradise

When one thinks of the Greek islands, pale, sandy beaches and blue skies spring to mind rather than bustling streets and tempting shop fronts. But the Greek islands offer more than just sun, sea and mezzes, you can also top up on some retail therapy as you top up your tan.

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