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An Interview with British Expat Brian Duckworth

Brian Duckworth owns his own bar and works as an entertainer on the Greek Island of Kos. Brian has lived in Kos for seven years and in this interview with Quest magazine, he tells us all about his life in Kos compared to life in Middleton, where he is originally from.






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Learn the Lingo: Part 3

greek lettersThis is part 3 in the Greek Language learning series. In part 3 you will learn some more phrases, such as useful phrases in a restaurant or hotel. In the series so far, we have looked at learning the alphabet, basic words and numbers. If you haven't already seen our previous lessons,  make sure you check them out!



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Greece, It`s Islands and Hollywood

kefaloniaSince the 1960's, Greece and the Greek Islands have been hosts to film sets of many Hollywood movies. Greece has welcomed many celebrities over the years, when famous actors and actresses have come to Greece to film.

Starting way back in 1957, on the Greek Island of Hydra, the film 'Boy on a dolphin' was made. 'Boy on a dolphin', was the first International film ever to be made in Greece. The film is set in Hydra, although parts are filmed in Athens, Rhodes and Delos. The 1957 production, starring Sophia Loren, is about a penniless diver named Phaedra. When Phaedra discovers a gold statue of a boy riding a dolphin, whilst diving one day, she is faced with the option of doing what is right and becoming wealthy. When Phaedra tells her boyfriend of her find, he has plans to sell the statue to an art dealer. Phaedra on the other hand, wants to return it to its rightful home with the Greek government.

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An Interview With Expat, Colin Jones

Moving abroad can be an exciting, yet daunting prospect. Especially when you have to master a new language, make new friends and adapt to a new life. So it is always nice to hear of someone who has took the plunge, relocated and settled in to life abroad. In the article, Quest got the chance to interview Colin Jones, a British expat living on the Greek island of Kos.

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Going to School-The Greek Education System

Starting a new school anywhere can be a frightening prospect. Living in a foreign country however, can have  the added problems of not understanding the language or culture,and can make it twice as difficult.

If you are planning for your child to go to school in Greece, then bear in mind that there are very few full-time international schools anywhere on  the Greek Islands, the only full-time schools are Greek schools.
Home education is illegal all over Greece. The compulsory age to study in Greece is from 6-15 years old. Greek schools start from 8.15am and finish at either 1.30 or 2.00 in the afternoon.

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Greek Music thorugh the years

Greek music is a celebrated factor in the countries history. The Greeks have developed their music throughout the years to keep up with modern times,  therefore appealing to the younger generation. Traditional music still remains unforgotten by most of the people, as it plays an important part in their lives. A mixture of modern and traditional Greek music can be heard at bars and at parties, where you may also see a group of dancers performing traditional Greek dances.

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Cost of Living in the Greek Islands

All over Europe and most parts of the world, the cost of living is drastically increasing.

Greece  no longer has the cheap cost of living that it once had. The un-spoilt areas of Greece still have a lower cost of living, where as areas made to attract tourists are more expensive.

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Basic Introduction to the Greek Language Part 2

Here is a follow up of some words of the Greek language. We will first of all take a look at the Greek Alphabet:


Αα Alpha

Ββ Beta

Γγ Gamma

Δδ Delta

Εε Epsilon

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Fit to be an Expat?

Living on the Greek Islands: would you enjoy it? Whilst some of our readers have a Greek island property as a holiday home, others have bought property for later retirement and many are moving to the country permanently because of the very good value for money property and daily living. Deciding whether to become an expat is one of the most difficult of questions. What about the language? Which island? How much money do you need? All are important. In this article we investigate some of the questions which need to be considered honestly before making the move.

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