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An Expat Interview with Kay Holston

Kay Holston, a retired DJ and kareoke host and her husband, a retired Insurance broker spend half of their time in Greece and the other part in the UK. They have owned a property on the island of Kos, Greece for 5 years and visit their home at least 3 times a year. In our exclusive interview with Kay Holsten, she tells us what life is like living between both countries and although Kay and her husband are not certain whether they will eventually move to Greece permanently, she gives us an insight in to her life in Kos

Hello Kay, Where are you originally from?
I am originally from Plymouth in Devon.

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An Insight in to a Teenage Expat's Life

There are many expats stories on the internet, showing an insight in to the lives of people who have moved abroad. However, there are very few stories of the life of teen expatsn available, because although there are many teen expats living all over the world, there prospectives are very rarely seen. Life as a teen expat can be a great experience for many young people and it is interesting to hear how their life differs when they relocate abroad. The difficulties that adults face when they first move abroad, differ from the things that younger people face when they are living in a foreign country. On the other hand, the way that teenagers and children settle in to life in a foreign country is different from the way that adults settle in.

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An Interview with Expat Pamela Mottola Pascal

Quest Greek Islands have began a series of stories about expats living on the Greek Islands. I hope you enjoyed our last story about English expat, Colin Jones, who lives in Kos.

Our next expat story, is the story of Pamela Mottola Pascal, who lives in Crete, Greece. Pamela is originally from Seattle, USA, but moved to Crete twelve years ago.

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Taking A Greek Driving Test

Driving is now a common form of transport, with most people owning their own vehicle, it makes getting from A to B a lot easier. Many foreigners move to Greece every year, the majority may already possess their own driving license from their home country and unless they need to change their driving license to a Greek one, they usually continue to drive without any knowledge of obtaining a driving license in Greece.

There are many reasons why you may choose to take a driving test in Greece, but whatever the reason, if you plan to take a Greek driving test, you must first know what is required and the process.

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Is Life Abroad Really For You?

Every year, thousands of people relocate and start a new life in a new country, but is life abroad really for you? Life abroad can be a bundle of laughs and fun for some people, but on the other hand, can make others feel homesick and depressed. The moving process can be stressful and difficult, even if your just moving down the street, but moving to another continent or country is a life changing decision and must be carefully planned. If you are thinking about moving abroad, how can you tell if you would suit life abroad?



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An Interview with Expat Christine Rogers

Christine Rogers, who is originally from Wales, now lives in Kardamena on the Greek island of Kos. In our fourth expat interview, Quest talks to Christine about life as an expat in Greece.

Christine has lived on the island for 29 years and has a wealth of knowledge on the subject of living in Greece, integrating and learning the language.



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10 Tips to Help You Learn Greek

Learning a new language is not always an easy thing to do however, when you relocate to a country that don't speak the same language as you, it is vital that you do your best to try to speak a few words at least. There are many ways to go about it, so here are 10 tips to making it all a bit easier!



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An Interview With Expat Colin Jones

Moving abroad can be an exciting, yet daunting prospect. Especially when you have to master a new language, make new friends and adapt to a new life. So it is always nice to hear of someone who has took the plunge, relocated and settled in to life abroad. In the article, Quest got the chance to interview Colin Jones, a British expat living on the Greek island of Kos.


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Funerals in Greece

There are so many positive aspects about living abroad however, there are also some negative aspects that you need to consider such as the possibilty of a death or attending a funeral abroad. Greece is an Orthodox country, so usually funerals are held at an Orthodox church.

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