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An Expat Interview with John Bennett-Collins

John Bennett-Collins has lived in North east Crete for four years. Here, in our latest part of ‘An Interview with an expat', John tells us of his life in Crete, Greece and how it compares to living in the UK. John was born in Dublin and lived in the UK his whole life before emigrating to Greece four years ago.

1. Where are you from?

I was born in Dublin, lived in UK and then moved to Crete

2. What made you decide to move to Greece?
I was sick of England. People in Crete are people orientated.

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A Guide to Greek Dentists

Finding a dentist is not too difficult but involves a degree of research depending on the island you live on. The Public Health Service manages the Greek state health care, which includes dentistry. Private dentists are in the majority in Greece with only 20% of all dentists working in the National Health scheme.

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Time On Our Hands

As time passes, we are often left with that awful feeling that a long time has passed and what have we achieved?! If you are like one of many who seem to think that you haven't achieved as much as you would have liked after a certain period of time, then you are not on your own! We often get lost in other chores and distractions that leave us with very little time to deal with other tasks or allowing ourselves a little bit of 'me' time. Or perhaps you are unsure of how to occupy your time when you have free time? It is all about how you organise yourself and the time that is given to you.

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Change Your Hobby in to a Career

We often hear people say that: you have to work for a long time, so you should at least make sure that you enjoy what you do! This is very true and although it is not always easy to change careers at certain points of our life, it would be a lovely thought to be able to do a job that you thoroughly enjoy. The first major thing that you must do before quitting your current job, is to know what you would enjoy doing as a career.

To really enjoy your work, you must be able to consider it as an extension of your hobby. Those who love their jobs,

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An Interview With Dawn Pearce

corfuThis month's ‘Interview with an expat' is with Dawn Pearce, who runs her own business called ‘Bumps2Babies'. Dawn was born in Barnsley, South Yorkshire and raised from the age of 9 in the Isle of Man where she lives today.

What made you decide to move to Greece?

My Parents ran a Taverna on Ipsos front on the Island of

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CTP Translation Certificates

Have you ever thought about using your language skills and becoming a fully qualified translator? CTP (Certified Translation Professional), our new featured advertisers, offer a great value course on translation that is done completely online! Completing a course such as this one is great, because you will be able to use your certificate and your new skills to gain work opportunities and even set up your own business in the future. The course

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Best Online Translator

letterBest Online Translator is an online translation service who provides you with professional language translations. Best Online Translator specialises in Bulgarian to English translations and also English to Bulgarian however, they are also a freelance translation agency where professional linguists can also advertise their services. Best Online Translator will translate documents and texts for you, as well as proofreading

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Considering Moving to Greece?

womanAre you considering moving to Greece? You are not on your own, as many people all over the world consider leaving their home country to start a new life abroad. After much time, preparation and thinking, many leave their homeland to set up home overseas and enjoy the good life. Some decide to stay their permanently and rarely return to their home country for even a visit, where as others decide that it just wasn't for them and soon return home or move on to another country. Life abroad has its ups and downs and is a decision in life where you must try it or else you will never know.

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Running Your Own Business Online

Making money through working at home is not a new thing, but has become increasingly popular in recent years. Although it doesn't appeal to everyone, being self employed and running your own business from home actually has many advantages and gives you the option to do what you want to do and at the times that you want to. Working from home is a great way to pursue a career that you have always wanted to do or  even try out something new altogether.

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