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Live Abroad and Be Better in Business

Did you know that those who move abroad to set up a new life make very good and successful business people? Yes it's true! Many students go to university for years to study business and management but it doesn't always necessarily mean that they will graduate with the same useful qualities that expats acquire whilst living in a foreign country.

Years of studying at university using textbooks may benefit some learners, but it doesn't prepare everyone for the world of business. There are some students who could benefit from a little textbook learning, others who risk losing all of their natural talents when entering the classroom environment and then there are the rest who are simply not cut out to work in this work sector. Like all subjects and skills, business can be

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Writers - Stop Giving Your Work Away!

The translation industry is like many other creative industries, in which the public are not so forward in giving these professionals neither the credit that they deserve or the payments. Although any career associated with languages is classed as a creative career and is often an enjoyable profession, there is a lot of study and hard work that goes in to becoming a professional in this sector.

There is a huge difference between being simple literate and a professional writer, just as there is a big difference between knowing conversational skills in a second language and being a translator. I recently read an article about language professionals giving away their work, which highlighted some very important points related to these professions. Some writers, translators and other language professionals feel forced to give away their work for free or very little money. It is a sad fact that many of these professionals are working incredibly hard and putting in a lot of time, only to be rewarding with little or no money.

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Surfing the Net!

Do you wonder how your teenagers can spend hours and hours on the internet and yet, you can barely witch it on? Computers are still a new invention for many and yet they have so many advantages which many people still do not know about. Although you may hear of the hacking, viruses and other negativity on computers, there are tonnes on advantages that will out way the bad. You can shop online, save money, keep yourself entertained, learn new skills, and chat with friends and family overseas and lots more. By the time that you have finished reading this Quest Greek Islands article, you and your teenager will be fighting for the computer!!

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Do Children Learn Languages Quicker than Adults?

According to what we hear, children are better at learning foreign languages than adults are. But is this true? No, it is not. It is an excuse that adults tell themselves which stop them from learning progressing in a foreign language.

When children learn a new language, they are rarely corrected nor criticised and do not put pressure on themselves. They relax and have fun which makes the learning process a lot more enjoyable than it is for adults. Children are often not afraid to speak and use their new skills, where as adults tend to shy off from using their knowledge of the new language.

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Write To Us!

penHave you got a story for us that you think would be interesting for us and our readers? Whether it is a story on your life in Greece or how you have settled in since returning home, please get in touch. We would love to hear from anyone who has any new and interesting stories that they would like us to hear.

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Are You Making the Right Move?

How do you know if moving abroad is right for you? Well, now you can ask any questions regarding life abroad, working, living, retiring, studying and moving abroad with Best Online Translator's new consultancy service. Ask any questions that you want and talk to somebody who knows what it is like through telephone conversation and get your problems and issues sorted!

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Best Online Translator Autumn Offers!

Our featured advertisers Best Online Translator offer translations services, online English lessons and now - online Bulgarian lessons! Best Online Translator offer fast and cheap translations, English and Bulgarian lessons which are conducted completely online. Whether you want to learn a new language or you need fast, cheap and reliable translation services, then make sure you choose Best Online Translator! Discounts are given to anyone who pays in advance for language lessons, as well as them offering express and standard services on translations.

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Telling People That You're Moving

peopleTelling your close friends and family any kind of major news is difficult, even if it something that is considered to be good news. Maybe through the years you have had to pluck up the courage to tell people different news, good and bad, and worried about how they would react. It is always a worry as to how you approach the topic and bring it in to your usual conversation, but yet it has to be done and it must be said. So, how do you tell your friends and family that you are moving abroad?

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Living The Good Life In Greece

Today, we hear a lot of negative news about life in Greece, which is mainly due to the current economy of the country. But of you are planning to still relocate to Greece then you should bear in mind that moving to any foreign country has its benefits and Greece still offers a great quality of life for those who live there.

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