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Benefits of living Abroad

Benefits of living Abroad - Living abroad has been proven to make you more creative, according to a recent study carried out by an American Psychological Association. Compared to those who never leave their home country, people that move abroad become more open minded and able to deal with situations more easily and in different ways. Why and what are the benefits of living abroad? Well, initially moving to a new country can be a difficult task and therefore requires a new way of thinking. The tasks and challenges that are thrown at you, must be dealth with in a different way and so many foreigners adapt to a different way of life and a new way of thinking.

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Retire to Greece

Retire to Greece - If you are planning your retirement and future, look no further that Greece!

Situated in an ideal position in Southern Europe, Greece already has many foreigners living all over Greece and is a very popular destination with expats from around the world. Often, as you find yourself reaching retirement age, you may fear that you will have too much time on your hands and wonder how you will possibly spend all that time? Retiring abroad or spending half of your time abroad is a great idea and will give you that chance to explore a new country and embark on a new adventure that you may have thought you would have never experienced.

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Population of Greece Facts

The population of Greece is estimated at slightly over 10.5 million from census undertaken in July 2011. The previous few years have seen the country’s population fall, but the newest estimated figure shows an average of 49.2% men and 50.8% women.
Greece also rates relatively high up in study polls with the longest life expectancy and has a good position of 78th place when ranked out of 240 other countries.
The average age for the population of Greece is 78 years and when rated individually, a Greek man`s life expectancy is 76 years and a woman 81 years.

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Language Learning Strategies

Language Learning Strategies - Trying to learn a new language isn't actually as simple as it used to be. Books and tapes are nowadays replaced with gadgets such as learning software and MP3 downloads, with class trainings equipped with online tuition, information and disc revision material.

However for the huge amount of language sources available many people who relocate abroad think the best way to learn a new language is to start simple.

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Sara Alexi`s New Novel - The Illegal Gardener

Sara Alexi, born in Oxford, mother of Sophia, wife of Alex, company director, painter, and novel writer. Here Sara shares her experiences of living in Greece and tells us about her new novel `The Illegal Gardener`.
My first visit to Greece was on a spontaneous 'get away' holiday with some college friends. As soon as I had arrived I felt like I had come home... the people, the landscape, the flowers in the spring. When I returned to England on my scheduled flight, the bus from the airport travelled at ten miles an hour in the pouring rain. I got off the bus and went straight to the travel agent's and booked a flight back to Greece for the next day. I have lived in Greece off and on ever since.

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Greek Coffee Shops

Most Britons and foreigners love the cafe culture of the Greek coffee shops in the Greek Islands, which has been evolving for more than 300 years and is more vibrant even than that of France. Greek coffee shops reflect the vast multicultural society and rich history. They are cauldrons of a mixture of different people, all age groups, myriads of discussions from politics to mundanities, havens for creative people and a great break if you just want to sit and people-watch or gaze out over the sea.

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An Introduction to the Greek Language

languagebasicsAn basic introduction to the Greek language - The Greek alphabet was the first alphabet to separate every letter with a different symbol. The alphabet consists of 24 letters, which are used in the Greek language.
Modern Greek is spoken in Greece, Cyprus, Central and Southern Bulgaria, Turkey, Southern Albania, Southern Italy and parts of southern Macedonia and other surrounding countries.
Greek is the official language of Cyprus and Greece.
It is one of the 23 official languages in the EU.  Greece, Cyprus and other countries around the world, form the 15 million people who speak Greek around the world.

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Honeymoon in Greece

Why not plan a honeymoon in Greece? It really is a top destination if you are going to Europe. This beautiful country provides romantic and natural surroundings you will not find elsewhere in Europe. Quest Greek Islands  has chosen a few favourites, so if you are palnning your big day and honeymoon there is sure to be a wonderful location in Greece to suit you.

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Driving around the Greek Islands

Driving around the Greek Islands can be a little daunting as the Greeks are renowned as crazy drivers. Knowing what to expect is part of the battle to driving safely on Greek roads as is knowing what documentation you need to carry with you.

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