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Alternative Workshop of Gardening in the Center of Athens

Really, how much space is needed to create a little garden on the balcony by composting waste, can we grow vegetables in a pot?

What ‘skills’ do we need to have to be gardeners? What are the benefits of gardening to nutrition, our health, the environment?

These are questions that concern every citizen in a city

Answers to the above questions and much more will be given at the alternative workshop organized by WWF Hellas and the Organisation Earth on Saturday 6th of June, from 10am to 4pm at Klafthmonos Square. The alternative gardening workshop is the perfect Saturday getaway for prospective and aspiring urban gardeners!

Seeds of local varieties will be distributed for free while there will be practical gardening workshops, participatory games for kids, composting demonstration and ideas.

At the workshop there will be participation and joint delivery of workshops and activities by Olyplant, the Urban Farmers of Athens and Chorafakia (meaning little villages), the group Let's go Green and Magic Spoon, face-painting artists and more. Known organizations and institutions that are involved in urban agriculture, will share ideas and solutions with all participants who want to move from theory to practice!

Olyplant will offer visitors organic plants, while local varieties of seeds that were granted by the Greek Agricultural Organization "Dimitra" will be shared by WWF Greece. These are just some of the activities carried out at the workshop organized by the "Better Life" project implemented by WWF Hellas and the Organisation Earth and funded by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

The Head of the WWF -“Better Life” project, Achilleas Plitharas stated: "You do not need to have a degree in agronomy to become an urban gardened! The only requirement is passion and desire to do good for your health, the environment, the quality of life in the city. In the celebration of urban gardeners we will give ideas and incentives to move from being couch potatoes and get to grips with a hobby with beneficial properties for us and the environment”.

"On the occasion of World Environment Day ten actors joined forces for a different city event! We invite you to dirty our hands with soil and fill our hearts with energy to know the importance of seeds, to learn what we can grow in our gardens and balconies, how and what can be composted, improving life in our city”, said Natasha Pentagioti, Communication Manager of the Organisation Earth.