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Growing Cucumber on a Trellis

There are several methods for cucumbers but growing cucumber on a trellis can be both an attractive feature as well as a very effective way to produce a healthy prolific harvest.

By following a few simple steps you will be rewarded this summer, with a crop of cucumbers that will provide for you all summer long.
Cucumbers are an old favourite for many of us and they are an important addition to any salad. All the countries of the Balkan region of Southern Europe including here in Greece will have an abundance of fresh great looking cucumbers which they will use in their infamous Greek Salads.

Cucumbers (Cucumis sativus) are tropical creeping vines which thrive on heat, sunlight and a good supply of water. They cannot stand cold weather and even the slightest frost will destroy them, It is therefore important that the cucumber plant is not set direct in the garden until the temperature has reached at least a reliable 21.0°C.

Growing Cucumber on a Trellis
Cucumber will grow extremely well on a trellis; however it is important to choose the correct variety. There are 2 main forms of cucumber plants, the vine type and the bush. The one you will need is the vine form. Most varieties of vine cucumbers have the added advantage of being more productive, so you will have a larger yield of fruits during the growing season.

Although cucumbers will grow in most soil types, they do prefer a pH of between 6.0 and 7.0. Before planting your crop it's well worth the extra effort of adding some well rotten manure or good quality compost. This needs to be worked well in to the soil in order to be successful.
Measure across your trellis and plant the vines approx 30cm apart. As the vine matures try to train the foliage in order to spread out the growing branches. This will allow for maximum exposure to the light and air flow around the plant. Keep the ground moist at all times never allowing it to become dry. An equal amount of water will aide in keeping the new cucumbers a good length and shape. Any changes or infrequency in watering can cause the fruits to be deformed and tasteless.

Feeding your trellis growing cucumbers is always a good idea although not essential if your soil is of good quality. If however you do decide to give your plants a boost, always choose a good known fertilizer especially for cucumbers.
If you notice that your plants have been attacked by insects or mildew, you will need to purchase a branded insecticide to treat this.

Harvest Time
Growing cucumber on a trellis is also very useful when it comes to harvesting, especially for those who find it difficult to bend down to ground level. Cucumber growing on a trellis tends to be higher up allowing for easy pain free picking.

It's very easy to know when it's time to harvest your cucumbers, you will know by the size of them. Even if you pick them too early they will normally taste good. In fact it is better to pick them early rather than late, due to the fact that old cucumbers will typically taste bitter.
Harvest the cucumbers as often as possible to encourage new fruits. It is better to use a knife or garden clippers to remove the fruits from the plant, never pull the cucumber off as this has a high risk of damaging the plant.

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