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Preparing a Garden for Spring

Spring is approaching and this is the time to start preparing a garden for spring. It is the year for you to start growing your own food from your own garden and it can be really easy. Make the effort, and you will be truly rewarded with fresh, tasty, fresh food to eat and share with family and friends. You don't have to start big. Begin small, and slowly you will get the hang of it. You don't need a lot of outdoor space or garden, you just need the energy and motivation to get started.

Some basic new gardening equipment will come in useful to get you started and remember that whatever pots and tools you buy this time will last you for years, as long as you take good care of them, and don't leave them out getting rusty in the bad weather.

You will at first need a fork and a spade - used regularly to dig and turn the soil and remove any weeds.

Hand tools are important such as; secateurs, shears, and a trowel for the fine pruning and planting. It is worth spending money on good quality garden tools at the start so that they last.

A good watering can will be useful, although you can get by with old water bottles or slightly damaged jugs.

Gardening gloves are good to protect your hands and these range in an assortment, price and quality but it is probably worth opting for an inexpensive pair...

Then you need to decide what you want to grow - for your first time choose one of your favorite herbs or vegetables. If you are eager for results there are plenty of vegetables and herbs that will grow fast, alternatively other varieties will grow more slowly, and need less attention if this is preferred.
Dependent on if you own a garden or not begin learning with growing indoors in pots and containers - the advantage of growing indoors is that the plants will be near to hand when you want to use them in your cooking, or as garnishes for salad dishes.
So why not make this year a year to begin a new hobby and get gardening and start growing today, it really is quite easy so abandon those excuses and get digging.

Start the uncomplicated way by planting seeds of your favourite herbs and vegetables indoors at first and let it progress. Start today preparing a garden for spring and enjoy the rewards from it.