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The Greek House

In ancient towns of Greece the Greek house was in general small with only a few rooms and one or two storeys; the roof was tiled or covered with reeds and built from clay, stone or wood.

The Greek house was designed and built around an open court yard. And this was the central point of family life where meals were cooked and enjoyed. Greek families would gather to relax, tell stories and sew in the open air privacy of their courtyard.

On hot summer days the women would find shade under a covered area of their courtyard, as the ancient Greeks consider a pale skin was a mark of beauty.

The Greek house was designed in a way to suit the climate with thick walls and tiled floors to keep rooms cool in the summer. The opposite effect of this technique meant the walls would retain the heat during the colder winter.

Men and women had separate roles in life which also meant living in separate rooms in the Greek house, often women were not allowed to leave the home except for a brief time to enjoy the private courtyard. Women were hidden from curious eyes and other men.

The wealthier Greeks had the luxury of larger homes with a separate kitchen, a bathing room and men had a dining room and women had a sitting area. Many rich Greeks had slaves to do all of the hard work on the land and around the house.


The Greek house today presents the appeal to buyers and investors from around the globe all dreaming of that luxury home in the sun in a country that is steeped in history and tradition. It enables buyers to buy and renovate what was once a traditional home to a modern holiday home to use either for them or a summer rental investment.

Modern Greece offers those seeking a lifestyle change or an investment a part of the Mediterranean. With pretty Greek Villas located in scenic white washed villages situated close to fine beaches, crystal blue sea and life running at a slower pace than most of the world. Plates of the freshest fish, salads, olives and figs washed down with a glass of local wine, served with a welcome as warm as the climate.

Like many countries, Greek real estate agencies offer houses ready to move in to or for renovation, newly built traditional houses, villas, sea front apartments, plots of land, development land and small hotel units. Buying your Greek house is in today`s economic climate accessible to many with spare cash to invest in.