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Greek Interior Decorating

Greek interior decorating is gaining in recognition, and inspiring a large amount of Greek property owners to attempt to recreate the relaxed Greek inspired decor in their property's back home. Many owners worldwide want to re-establish the relaxed bright feeling of the Greek interior decorating from their holiday property in Greece. So if you are a New Greek property owner why not bring a little of the local colours and design to your property adding a few special finishing touches here are some of our tips.


Generally most people are excited when owning a new holiday property and being a proud owner of a retreat home.  You can spend time decorating any way that you can want. Improving your holiday home is a fun task, due to the fact that you don’t have to stay with the same rules that you often have to when home decorating your main residence.  You can try things out with a few creative designs and you’ll find lots of handy tips where you can establish a characteristic and delightful decor for your new property using classic colours, styles and art from this charming part of the world.

Do Your Homework

The first process to a Greek interior decorating venture is to start researching and get educated more about Greek artwork, style and tradition. Visit the local library or check out the internet for photos of Greek architecture, costume, drawing and jewellery. Determine the tones, shapes and themes that could be used. You may need to get prints, or begin a portfolio of inspiring photographs that you can give yourself useful ideas in the job of the design and style process. Also taking photographs whilst you are out and about, as well as whenever you notice a beautiful colour of fabric or a stunning sunset that you can keep as reminders of colour.

Complement Features

If you have purchased an older house in Greece it will most likely still have traditional-style architectural details, for example an enclosed porch, plaster ceilings, or tiled floors. These characteristics can be truly enchanting. If your home was constructed a very long time ago and has many period features, find some way to highlight and compliment them. If the house is in need of renovation check just in case you can revive an old feature back to its previous glory instead of replacing.

Buy Localised Items

To achieve some traditional Greek interior decorating styles inside your home go shopping around the local areas of Greece to find various striking and distinctive items to decorate your home with. Browse antique shops for furniture, tableware or anything that takes your fancy. You will find local fashioned floor coverings or throws made from authentic materials. Pay a visit to a local artist who creates their own work in a traditional Greek style. Undoubtedly nothing beats a distinctive original painting, carving or piece of ceramic from a gifted local creator to truly provide as the point of interest in a living space.

Another great method to highlight your actual regional surrounds throughout your design could well be to take a capture your treasured Greece location. Whether it’s a row of historic Greek villas reflecting the natural light, a bustling marketplace or a peaceful beach with golden sand crystal blue water, this photograph will represent what you find enchanting about Greece. Have it blown-up and framed, and then display it on your wall as a finishing impression to your inspired Greek interior decorating.