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Keeping Pets in Greece

Keeping a pet can be great fun for all of the family and can even make living abroad feel less lonely when you first relocate overseas. However, a dog (or any animal for that matter is for life and not just for Christmas so make sure that you have time and room in your life for your little furry friend!


Moving to Greece means a new life and a new start and many people decide to get a pet, usually a cat or a dog, even if they would have never dreamed of having one back home. The reason for this is that initially, many expats have more time and energy for a pet compared to when they were back home. Many people move to Greece due to the better climate, which also entices people to get a dog, as they claim that there is more of an excuse to go out walking if they had a dog.

For those who have the time, energy and room for pets, life in Greece can be great, especially when you have a pet or a few to keep you company. But if you plan to spend life between Greece and home, then think twice before taking on too much. This doesn't just apply to animals, but in general, animals are usually the biggest problem for expats who don't choose to stay long-term in Greece. Applying for a pet passport and transporting your beloved pets backwards and forwards can be a nightmare and not as easy as you may think. Some airlines will take animals, but flying can cause health problems and distress the animal, which is why some owners will not fly with their pets. Some consider it a better, although upsetting, option to give their pets to a new home as it is fairer on the animal. Then, in some rare but possible cases, some owners have had to have their pets put down at the vets if they are unable to travel with their pets or find a suitable new home for them.

However, keeping a pet in a healthy climate such as Greece can make you feel happy and healthy. Walking the dog may mean walking in the Greek country side or strolling along a beach. If you live the rural life, you may even decide to keep poultry or cattle if you have a piece of land to spare.