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Task Busting in Two Minutes

Have you got just ten minutes to minimise your mess? Well don't worry, because ten minutes is all you need! It is amazing what you can manage in ten minutes if you know what to do and where to start first! We often find that we have many short ten minute slots throughout the day, but they never seem to be all at once, so we never seem to use this time efficiently. If you could just complete smaller tasks in each of these short time slots

that you have throughout the day, you will be surprised at what you will have managed to do by the end of the day. Every small thing adds up to a big thing and this is a general rule than can be applied all across our lives, so don't waste time and get minimising your mess now!

Two Minute Tasks
If you only have two minutes to spare, then use them wisely. It may not seem much time at all but you must make sure that you have done something in this time. You may be incredibly eager now to read about what sort of chores you can do in two minutes, so here they are:
Make the bed
Sweep one of your rooms
Collect the post from the letter box
Clean your kitchen work tops
Take the bin out
Feed the dog
Fill the kettle for the next time it is used (so that you can easily and quickly switch it on the next time you want a cup of tea)
Organise your mail
Clear any clutter that is lying around

A Fast Five minutes
If you can complete tasks in two minutes, then five minutes is giving you over twice the amount of time, which means that you can complete over twice as many chores or a bigger task altogether.
When you have five minutes to spare, try:
Sorting out any paper/plastic/glass for recycling
Organise your shoes and coat racks
Check your emails
Hoover a room
Wash up any dirty plates/cups/cutlery
Make a shopping list

Task Busting in Ten Minutes
Got ten minutes to spare? Then see what you can manage in this generous amount of time! If you can complete chores and task in two minutes, ten minutes should be no problem!
In ten minutes you can:
Dust and polish a room (or perhaps two if you're quick)
Comb the dog/cats fur
Clean the bathroom
Sort out your washing basket
Load/unload the washing machine
Hang out your washing on the line
Prepare the dinner
Tidy away washed dishes/cutlery/cups