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Transform Your Garden

It's time to get green fingered in the garden, so get your gloves and spade and prepare to spruce up your garden this season. If you want to get stuck in and transform your garden ready to enjoy this summer, then don't waste anymore time. First of all, make a plan of what you would like in your garden and where you want to put it. If you're stuck for ideas, take a look at our list of ways to helo you transform your garden in to the garden of eden.

Think of a colour scheme
Everybody's tastes vary when it comes to a colour scheme, so you should make this decision before hand. The colour scheme will affect the what flowers you may plant and what ornimental features you may choose to add. You don't have to have a colour theme though, as the garden can be as bright as you would like it to be.

Home to the animals
Putting features in your garden that will attract wild life is a great idea. You can choose from what kind of things you would like in your garden, such as a pond, bird box, fish pond, bird seed or anything else.

Climate control
Think carefully about what knds of plants would be suited to your garden and whether they will stand the climate in Greece. Don't go and pick a range of plants that will only survive for a short period only, as this will create a lot of hard and unnecesary work for you. Take inspiration from your neighbours and friends and ask for their opinion on what they plant in their garden. You should also take not on when the best times for planting are.

Water features
It is incredibly soothing and calming to hear the light trickle or heavy flow of water. Water is good for making you feel calm and peaceful, which naturally makes a great ornimental feature for any garden. Water features for gardens can come in all shapes and sizes, so you can get the perfect type for your garden.

Eating out
One of the best parts of summer is that you can change your normal eating area in your dining room for the outdoors. This is why it is useful to have a garden feature that doubles as an ornamental garden feature as well as a wood or coal burning cooking device too, so it will be perfect for all of your dinner dates and bbq's too.

Lighting up
Throughout the warmer months, we tend to try and stay outdoors for as long as possible before we eventually decide to go indoors. Although you may not want to sit in full light in your garden, it is nice to have some light outside just as the sun is going in. Outdoor lighting is a beautiful garden feature that can be arranged in any way that you like. Less is more, so don't go to overboard with lots of lighting. If you decide not to have conventional white lights, then try and stick to one colour to avoid over doing it with the combination of bright colours and lights.

Amazing aroma's
If you love nice scents and aroma's then try to plant a few plants and flowers that will give off nice scents. If you can, try to position all of the scented flowers to one patch so that the aroma from them will be more intense. You can mix and match a range of different flowers to get a varied scent.