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Lots of Ways using Greek Lemons

In Greece, there are vast amounts of lemons on the trees, making lemons easily available. Whether you choose to use lemons for cooking, in drinks or other purposes, there are enough lemons available in Greece to use them in a number of ways. Lemons can be used in many different ways, so if you are lucky enough to live in Greece, take advantage of the thousands of lemon trees around you. Not only are lemons good to use in drinks and food, they give off a great smelling aroma and are great for using around the home too! If you want to store lemons, you can pro- long their freshness by storing them in the refrigerator and they will last for about a week. Are you not sure how to get the most use from a lemon? Here are some of the best tips using lemons!

Looking Brassy

If you are looking for a decent cleaning product to clean copper or brass, the best thing you could find is a lemon. Often, many people think that they have to spend a fortune on special cleaning products to deal with such household tasks. However, just one lemon and some baking soda makes a great natural cleaning product to clean chrome, copper or brass. Mix some baking soda with a little bit of water, so that it forms a paste and then mix with lemon juice. Wipe the mixture on to the chrome, brass or copper and then wipe off with a damp cloth before polishing to perfection.

Time for tea
Herbal tea is a caffeine free alternative to black tea and is very popular throughout Europe. If you already like herbal tea, then you may know that lemon and water is a refreshing and warming drink. But, if you are still hooked on your traditonal black tea, then give this a go. Have a go at making your own herbal teas by mixing a variety of spices, or just add a slice of lemon to a cup of hot water.

Juicy fruits
The juice from fresh lemons is an excellent versatile substance that can be used for making juice, cooking, cleaning or drinking. If you want to juice lemons, then wait until they are soft, as this is when you will extract the most juice from them. Juicing fruits is easy and quick and you can do so by using either a hand juicer or electric juicer.

No more limescale
Simple applying half a lemon on to limescale will help clean and prevent it. Chop the lemon in half and squeeze the lemon juice on to the limescale and rinse off.

Natural toilet cleaner
It is difficult to know what products to use as a toilet cleaner. Some are too abrassive and strong, yet others do not do the job. Using very strong chemicals can damage the pipes and the toilet, especially of they are plastic, so it is best to stay away from these if you are unsure. Due to lemons being a natural product, using them as a toilet cleaner will not effect or damage your toilet like other chemicals might. Juice one lemon and mix with baking soda and water. Pour the mixture in to the toilet and leave for however long you want and then pull the chain!

Home made lemonade
Can you remember making home made lemonade as a child? Well the great thing about being in a country where there are vast amounts of lemons, is that you can make litres and litres of home made lemonade! You can easily make home made lemonade by taking at least 4-5 lemons and juicing them. Remember that it is better to juice things in larger quanities because it is more worthwile than juicing one or two lemons and not getting much juice from them. After juicing the lemons you may seperate the pulp if you wish or you can leave it in. Boil about ½ litre - litre of water in a saucepan and add 300g of sugar. Stir well and wait until the sugar has dissolved. When the sugar has dissolved, remove the saucepan from the heat and add the lemon juice. Let the mixture cool and add as much water as you would like to make your lemonade. This depends on your taste and how much you would like.