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Getting Rid of Household Odors

Most of us will agree that there is nothing worse than having to endure unpleasant smells in your home. There are many reasons why nasty household smells occur and it can make many home owners miserable, as it is the first thing they notice when they enter their home or a particular room. Sometimes it can appear to be a mystery as to why your home has become a victim to these odors and they can prove very difficult to treat. Household odors are unpleasant for the owner of the house, as well as your visitors too! It is also an added problem if you happen to have your house up for sale, as it will be very of putting to potential buyers to enter in to a house that has bad odors, which is why it needs to be solved now!

What are the worst odors?
What do you think are the worst odors in a home? The smell of stale smoke from cigarettes, mould, cooked fish, fried food, damp, animals and pets, vermin? These are probably the most unwanted and most unfriendly smells that can occur in the home. But if you're having trouble getting rid of these smells permanently or just for long enough whilst you have guests, here are a list of things that will help!

Lemon juice
Lemon juice is used on many things to help remove stains, smells and discolour. Lemons are a natural solution to solving these problems, so they won't cause any harm to you, as of course they are 100 % natural! You can target problem areas by applying lemon juice directly on to the fabric or you can cut the lemon in to pieces and leave on a tray or plate in the room. Most citrus fruits will work too, so you can use others too.

Add some spice
A very quick and easy way to get rid of unwanted smells is to boil up some cinnamon and a few cloves in a small amount of water. For the best results, leave the spices boiling in water on a low temperature to allow for the aromas to be released. Not only will this combat the odor, but it will also make your home smell fresh and sweet.

Baking soda
Baking soda is an odorless yet effective way to absorb and cure problem smells. Just a sprinkle of baking soda works well on upholsteries, such as curtains and carpets, in sinks and drains and even helps to prevent smells of damp too.

Do you want vinegar on that?
Vinegar, especially white vinegar is an excellent product to keep in your home. Most of us always have a bottle or two of vinegar in our kitchen cupboards already and so it is a cheap and effective product that can be used to solve a number of household problems, not just odors. White vinegar can be used for cleaning stainless steel, fighting bad odors and of course is used in cooking. Not everyone likes the smell of vinegar, but it effectively helps to deal with odors quickly, and having your home smell of vinegar is a lot better than having to put up with household odors.