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Revamp Your Living Room

So you don't want to spend a fortune on new vases and decorative furnishings to brighten up your home? Well, as fashion - even for the home - change as quickly as we change our bed sheets, it is understandable that most of us are looking for a cheaper alternative. Did you know that making your own ornamental pieces can look just as good, if not better than something that you would spend a fortune on in a shop?

Don't worry, your home will not end up looking like you've let the blue peter team loose in it! Instead, you will be able to proudly display your own homemade crafts in your own home for everyone to see. You can seek inspiration from anywhere from restaurants and bars to christmas decorations and displays. If you can't think of any of your own ways to revamp your home, we have some ideas for you.

More than one way with wine
Wine isn't just for drinking, it has other uses too! Usually, we throw away the corks from the bottle, but why not collect them instead? This may seem like a very unusual thing to do, but they actually make a very attractive ornament if you collect enough and display them in a clear glass vase. You may need to collect between 20-30 corks before they look good in a vase, which gives you an excuse to drink some wine! If you don't like the colour of the wine corks, you could paint them in the colour of your choice. This is an excellent featur to have and will suit any theme in a room. If you are looking for something that looks a little more vintage or antique then leave the corks as they are however, if you want something more modern or bright then you can add paint, glitter or whatever you would like. Your guests will never believe that you have made such an excellent ornamental feature for free.

Let their be light
When it comes to sitting in the evening, you may prefer to have a dimmer light rather than having a bright glow from your ceililing light. How about using your old christmas lights from your christmas tree to decorate your room and add a dim light. You can wind the lights around some decorative twigs in a vase, pin them on to a celiling beam or on a shelf. These lights are so versatile that you can move them around easily and they are a great space saver.

Beads, buttons and bits and bobs
Many of us have those special vases, bowls and glasses that we only use for special occassions and rarely dare to use in case we damage them. Why not use those special crystal glasses or china bowls to use as a decorative feature and fill them with pot pourre, beads, buttons or anything else you can find. You, as well as your visitors will get to see those beautiful glasses or bowls whenever you enter the room. So dig out those treasured pieces and make them one of your free decorative pieces and display them in your rooms.